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10 Home Security Issues and How To Fix Them

  • Apr 16 / 2014
Home Improvement


Here at Smith Monitoring we have come to know very common issues in regard to home security. Check out our top ten list of improvements everybody needs to make in order to better secure their home.

1. Forgetting to Arm the Security System

The most common mistake is forgetting to arm your home altogether. With the SMART+ HOME® security system you can arm and disarm your entire home security system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

2. Faulty Do-It-Yourself Installation

As tempting as it is to be economical with your security system, it is better to make sure your system is more reliable than affordable. If a system can be easily bypassed, it may as well have never been installed. Consider all possible entries: is there a balcony accessible via ladder, or maybe a tree? Is there a crawlspace that can be exploited? Is there an entrance through the garage that isn’t secured? A professional UL-licensed technician will be able to spot these and other weak areas around the home and will be able to correctly tailor your security system accordingly.

3. Ignoring Monitoring Services

If you purchase your own security system from a store and don’t have your home monitored by a professional service then your home is extremely vulnerable to intrusion. Authorities may not even show up without proper licensing and you could even incur a fine. Monitoring services are affordable and provide 24/7 police, medical and fire protection. Here at Smith we have great home security specials that you should always check before getting your home secured.

4. Using Old Technology

Technology is constantly changing and security software always has to be 2 steps ahead of criminal activity. The SMART+ HOME® system automatically updates with new software updates and even utilizes new and unique ‘Crash and Smash’ technology. So even if your home security system is smashed by an intruder it will immediately send an alert signal to the authorities.

5. Hiding a Key

It’s still a common way of life, hiding keys under plant pots and doormats. So common that burglars know where to look when attempting a quiet break in. With a SMART+ HOME® security system you can provide ‘digital keys’ to users. The digital keys are accessible through smartphones which you designate in your system. You can set multiple users, passwords and even expiration dates to lock and unlock your home.

6. Forgetting to Close the Garage Door

When you’re just quickly heading down the street to grab something it can be very easy to forget to close the garage door. It can also be very easy for a thief to quickly take possessions from your home. With SMART+ HOME® you will be sent a text message when you drive away from the home to remind you that the garage door is still open. Better yet, no need to waste time and gas turning around, you can close your garage door directly from your smartphone no matter how far away you are.

7. Lack of Lights

Using lights can help to give the impression that somebody is home and also illuminate usually dark hiding places around your home. Keeping the lights on all day and night is a costly and wasteful option, however if you want to save money on your electricity bill and utilizing security lights you should use SMART+ HOME® Energy. This system will allow you to set rules based on your location and can automatically turn on the lights when you’re not at home so you won’t be wasting money all day long on electricity, further deterring burglars giving the impression that somebody is home.

8. Using Phone Lines That Can Be Cut

Using phone lines for home security is outdated and dangerous. If a criminal can cut your phone lines and still access your home silently then you simply need to upgrade. The SMART+ HOME® system does not require phone lines and will even work in the event of power and internet outages.

9. Lack of Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential part of home security. Utilizing outdoor cameras can help identify and deter robbers before they attempt to get inside your home. With the SMART+ HOME® system you can automatically record movement and receive text message alerts instantly.

10. Not using the Yard Sign

If you buy a DIY security system you won’t be getting one of the most effective deterrents of home security out there. The yard sign. This has been proven to lower the risk of a home invasion tremendously.

This article was written by James McNulty. James is a writer and SEO Manager for Smith Monitoring. Keep up with him on Twitter.

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