2 Apps That Show The True Power Of An iPhone
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2 Apps That Show The True Power Of An iPhone

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There’s quite a bit of technology that we seem to not really take advantage of or even sometimes, forget about. Apple now owns 51% of the smart phone market and I can assure you that half of these people aren’t using their phones for what they are actually for. I would go to saw that they are probably taking advantage of maybe 10% of the features and apps available to them. That’s alright though, we have just the thing for you if you are one of those people that aren’t really using their phone to the full potential. Here are a couple apps that you will defiantly want to check out to make you realize how amazing your iPhone really is!


Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle App

This app has probably saved my life. I know that’s kind of an exaggeration, but I swear to you… I have gotten so much more out of life because of this app. When I was growing up I honestly did not care about sleep but I always was tired. I could never figure it out. Why was I tired all the time? Well duh, I couldn’t sleep! Or at least I wasn’t sleeping at the right time. I then slept almost every second I got. Which I then realized still wasn’t a good idea. I then looked it up and saw that it’s all about your cycle. Not only how much you sleep but also its even more important what time you wake up during the night/morning. It isn’t about volume or time but really about which moment it is you are being awakened. This app makes sure that you wake up at the right moment so that you feel refreshed. It’s amazing! One day I woke up before I got my full 8 hours and I felt better than I did when I woke up after sleeping like 9 hours. Check out this app! I think there is a free version.



This is probably going to blow your mind. This app allows you to control your whole home. I mean it, literally all of your home can be connected through this one app and its all connected through home security systems. My family actually used a Mesquite home security company and it was flawless. Regardless, we love it. I can literally leave my house and forget to arm my home and my PHONE reminds me through the app! That’s pretty ridiculous!  I love technology.

About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Ronak is also an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.

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