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3 Random Apps That Can Help You Around The Home

  • Aug 13 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog

The world of technology is constantly changing: the more we learn and discover, the faster technology grows and develops. Nowadays, smart devices like our phones can help us out with everything. “Need help with ‘X’? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!” Here are a few random apps that can help you out around the home!


Do you have a lot of junk around your home you don’t want to toss out? Ever wonder what it feels like to be Macgyver? If yes to both, Morf can help you out. This app will provide you with tons of information and great “lifehacks” on how you can use everyday objects and junk creatively. Need to remove a band-aid painlessly? Ask Morf. Got a nasty coffee stain? Morf can help you out. Need some quick facial scrub for skin care? See what Morf has for you (kitty litter is one of them – how Macgyver is that?) The information on this app is mostly crowd-sourced: users can submit their own Morfs, and the community will up-vote or down-vote them, depending on how good they are. Searching for uses and solutions is easy and formula-based. “What can I do with ‘X,’” “How can I ‘Y,”” and the classic “search” option are all available to help you out. So, get ready to feel the power of Macgyver’s brain in the palm of your hand with Morf.

Garden Plan Pro

Stop guessing on what you should do with your garden. Take some time with Garden Plan Pro to make sure your garden flourishes. This app takes everything into consideration when it comes to planning a garden: the shape of your garden, whether you have raised beds or not, the number of rows and containers you’ll be using, the way your crops are rotated, the weather in your area, and more. It’ll even let you know what plants are compatible with your location and when the best time to plant them is. Don’t let your garden look like the wild, wild west (like mine). Let Garden Plan Pro make your garden bloom with beauty.


The home security industry has taken a turn for the better. Companies are now incorporating home automation with their security systems. My Arlington home security and Spring home security provider, Smith Monitoring, provides me with a home security system that is compatible with the app from Alarm.com. How does this help me around the home? For one, it lets me be lazy. My phone is basically a universal remote control for all the appliances in my home that I can use from anywhere in the world. Need to turn off the lights? I’ll use my phone. Shut off the TV? There’s an app for that. With the help of the Alarm.com app, my home security system is more than just a protective measure. It helps me save energy around my home because I never forget to leave anything on. On top of it all, I can keep tabs on what is happening at home with this app. The Alarm.com app puts me in control!

About the author: Tim Slater is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Tim is also a pet freak, tech geek, and blogger. Keep up with his blogs to stay updated with the latest gadgets, apps, and furry friend news.

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