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3 Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Home

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When building a home, the home owner wants to make sure their home is safe, beautiful, and most recently they want their home to be environmentally friendly. It can be a unique and creative way to show off to your neighbors as well as save on some good deal of money. Most importantly, the improvement in the modern methods of home building is actually helping to bring down the impact that humans have on the environment. 

Here are 3 creative and useful options for building an environmentally friendly home –

Research Green Building Materials

There are various methods by which you can make use of green building materials for putting up an environmentally friendly home. Recycled lumber is one of those things that can be used as studs. Some plastic, wood-like products are also made of recycled materials.

Evaluate Water Management

This is one of the most overlooked components when it comes to building an environmentally friendly home. Try measures that’ll help cut down on rainwater runoff. This carries away quite a bit of nutrients to the nearby watersheds. Try minimizing those surfaces that are impervious and make use of rain barrels to collect the running water from the roof. You can then direct this water to the gardens and lawns.

Create Energy Efficient Design

Environmentally friendly homes should focus on energy efficient designs. Remember, it’s of primary importance to use energy efficient heating and cooling equipment as well as appliances and home security systems. These security systems allow you to manage the home’s appliances and heating/cooling equipment remotely. A custom design will also allow for builders to choose where windows should be placed throughout the house for proper ventilation. Planting trees for shade can serve as awnings in the summer.

These are great ideas to keep in mind when building or redesigning your home to be more energy efficient. What other ways is your home reducing its footprint on the environment?

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About the author: Shannon Williams is a blogger who has expertise in contributing articles to various communities and blogs. She is also associated with HomeBuilder-Guide.com

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