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4 Apps For New Parents and Their Baby

  • Aug 06 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog

Newborn Parents

New to the world of parenting? Get ready for the most exciting and busy journey you’ve ever been on! Here are a couple of apps that can help make your experience a little easier when it comes to caring for your newborn baby.

White Noise Baby

As busy adults, we have the uncanny ability to fall asleep in 10 seconds after a hard day of work (or during it). However, that’s hardly the case for babies. If you’ve got a restless infant, try the White Noise Baby app. This produces a number of relaxing and soothing sounds that loop to help lull your child into dreamland. From classical music to the sounds of a car ride, White Noise Baby has what it takes to put your kid to sleep. Additionally, if you’ve got a rowdy baby on your hands, try getting them to quiet down with the interactive rattle noises. Be careful when using this app though – you might fall asleep yourself.

WebMD Baby

This is one of the greatest resources for baby health information available in the form of an app. There are over 700 articles and over 600 tips from pediatricians listed on this app. You can browse through the “Baby 101″ section to read up on useful information or conduct a search to find exactly what you need. Also, there’s a journal section where you can keep track of your baby. Log information such as sleep times, feeding times, and growth information to help yourself develop a schedule for your child. You can even keep photos in the journal for those memorable moments.

Baby Monitor & Alarm

Turn your phone into a nifty baby monitor with this app! The Baby Monitor & Alarm app will help you keep track of your baby’s sleep and awake patterns. Whenever your child makes a noise, the app will keep track of how long the baby made noise. After a set amount of time, you can have your phone playback a lullaby, a voice recording, or call you at another number to alert you. While the baby rests, the Baby Monitor & Alarm app can keep track of how long the baby slept for. This will help you keep track of their sleep patterns so you can develop a schedule around them that works for you. And for those of you that want to know everything about your child, you can have recordings sent to your e-mail so you can play them back later to listen to what your baby has been doing.


Your home security system is more useful than you think. Right now ,you use it to protect your family from crime, but don’t you want to get more from it? For me, I’ve turned my Round Rock home security system into a comprehensive baby watching system with the help of Smith Security and Alarm.com. The app from Alarm.com lets you remotely access everything in your home: appliances, doors, surveillance cameras, and more. With this, you can monitor your home from wherever you are. This app can help you watch your baby when you’re in another room. If you frequently have a babysitter or a nanny, you can use this app to keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Who ever knew a home security system could be the best baby monitor in the world?

About the author: Tim Slater is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Tim is also a pet freak, tech geek, and blogger. Keep up with his blogs to stay updated with the latest gadgets, apps, and furry friend news.

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