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4 Apps That Will Convince You To Workout

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Need some motivation to get off the couch? Need help adhering to your workout routine? Here are a couple of apps that can help you stay on top of your fitness game.

Charity Miles
Charity Miles Running App

This app is a great way to get motivated to exercise. Charity Miles is a free app that allows you to raise money and awareness for various charities. You can do so by walking, running, or biking. Once you get started, the app will keep track of your distance and donate accordingly. For every mile you walk or run, 25¢ will be donated, and for every mile you bike, 10¢  will be donated. You can pick and choose what charity you would like to support. Additionally, Charity Miles allows you to share your progress and donations through social media to help raise awareness. This is a great way to support a charity of your choice and to promote a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Peer Pressure

reebok running app

As much as we all hated peer pressure in our school days, the Peer Pressure app takes that concept and uses it for good. Studies show that people are more likely to adhere to a commitment if your peers are watching your progress. By using the Peer Pressure app, you throw yourself into the spotlight so that your peers can keep track of all your successes and failures in fitness. Although some people may frown upon this type of motivation, it’s hard to argue against something that works. And, don’t worry, if your friends are breathing down your neck about your fitness commitments, you can do the same to them with this great app. Peer Pressure has never been more beneficial.

Tempo Run

tempo run songs to run to

When I’m running, I love to run to the beat of the music playing in my ears. However, sometimes my shuffle will bring up a song that is completely out of sync with how fast I’m running. It gets to the point where I have to bring myself to a stop, find a new song, then continue my run. It’s a pretty annoying process. However, with Tempo Run, you can avoid this dilemma. The app will categorize the music on your device by the track’s tempo. This allows you to easily pick and choose what level of energy you want to have pumping through your music while you workout. So, when you’re training for you 5K, you won’t have to worry about “My Heart Will Go On” coming onto your playlist.


alarm.com ipad iphone

I run and workout at all times of the day – it really just depends on my (poor and unorganized) sleep schedule. When I run late at night, I used to worry about my home. However, with the help of my home alarm monitoring company and the Alarm.com app, I’ve turned my San Marcos home security system into a impenetrable fortress. This app lets me keep track of what’s going on at home at all times. I don’t have to worry about any appliances left on or anyone breaking into my home because Alarm.com lets me check on all of that remotely. So when I’m taking a short breather in the middle of my run, I can just whip out my phone and check my live surveillance feeds to make sure my home is in good shape.

About the author: Tim Slater is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Tim is also a pet freak, tech geek, and blogger. Keep up with his blogs to stay updated with the latest gadgets, apps, and furry friend news.

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