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5 Easy Steps: Turn Your Attic into a Playroom

  • Jan 15 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog

If you have kids, I am sure you know the feeling of having countless toys laying around, nowhere to store them, and when the kids are playing throughout the day the house looks mess. If you have no extra bedrooms or a storage room, the simple way to add space is by converting your attic. Here are our 5 basic steps:

STEP 1: Easy and safe access

Consider how you are going access the attic on a daily basis with ease. Most home’s attics are usually above the main floor where it would be impossible to have a staircase built. If you have space, then consider a spiral staircase. Another option could be to shave a bit off the entrance to a room and have a staircase built in a bedroom. Otherwise you can use loft ladders, although putting them up and down could be a pain.

STEP 2: Let there be light

Windows in the attic can be a great way to add natural light.  They can also help circulate fresh air especially in warm months.

STEP 3: Insulate those floors

Insulate the base layers of your attic by laying floorboards. Most likely there will be no heat in the attic, so it would be a great idea to lay a carpet or get some large area rugs to keep in warmth.

STEP 4: Time to decorate!

Once you have the point of access settled, a source of light, and the floor prepped and safe for tiny feet, it’s time to decorate! Adding a theme to the room or some bright colors on the walls will create a unique environment to encourage your children to be creative and have fun. Wall decals with messages of positivity and encouragement are a great way to inspire children while they are playing in the room.

STEP 5: Get organized

Think about toys you want in the room, and how you want them stored and organized. Shelves along the sides of the room with fitted containers for toys are great for quick clean up and out of the way storage. Also, building a bookshelf can maintain a neat and off the floor way to store toys and books. Some oversized comfy chairs are great to occupy floor space so the kids can sit and relax while playing or reading books. Large beanbags are also a fabulous addition for when friends come over.


Now it’s playtime!­


About the Author: Gemma Dawson, mother of three, who offers Tom and Jerry party supplies as well as party decorations and themed costumes.

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