5 Reasons Batman Needs Better Home Security
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5 Reasons Bruce Wayne Needs Better Home Security – Inspired by the Dark Knight Rises.

  • Jul 31 / 2012
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SPOILER ALERT: You probably don’t want to read this if you haven’t seen the movie. Just sayin.

After watching the latest Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises, I’ve come to one conclusion: Bruce Wayne needs better home security. I mean yeah, he’s Batman, he IS security. But there are quite a few times when criminals and the like have obstacle-free access to his home and his belongings. Here are the 5 main reasons this masked vigilante should consider implementing a few security measures:

1. Protect his pearls.

In the Dark Knight rises, Cat Woman disguises herself as a maid working at Wayne Manor, sneaking into Bruce’s safe and stealing his mother’s pearls. Some strategically placed video surveillance cameras and motion detectors might have prevented this minor inconvenience, but it also would’ve helped prevented a greater mishap by helping him to…

2. Protect his fingerprints.

Stealing his mother’s pearls was a perk, but Cat Woman was really after Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints in an elaborate scheme created by Bane and the League of Shadows. Imagine the twist the movie would’ve taken if Cat Woman was caught by Wayne home security: Bruce would not have lost every penny to his name, and his company would not have gone bankrupt. Talia al Ghul wouldn’t have found out where the nuclear fusion reactor was, and Gotham City would not have been threatened for the thousandth time.

3. Safeguard his secret gadgets and armored vehicles built by Lucius Fox.

The only things that safeguard Batman’s contraptions are secret doors and rooms. Maybe door contacts or glass-break contacts surrounding the perimeter would’ve prevented the League of Shadows from getting access to all of Batman’s equipment, adding fuel to their terrorism of Gotham.

4. Make sure no one stumbles upon his private Batcave.

Sure, John Blake might have been meant to discover the Batcave. But you have to wonder why it isn’t more secure. The only thing that protects people from stumbling upon the entrance is that you apparently have to bungee jump into the mouth of a cave. But if you’re just an avid bungee jumper or maybe part of the League of Shadows, there really isn’t much standing in your way from getting access to Batman’s batsuit, his highly information-sensitive computers, his Batmobile, etc.

5.  Use video surveillance to see who’s at the front door when his butler and no-longer-loyal family servant has just quit, leaving him to unknowingly wonder who could be visiting.

Upset that Bruce will not retire his danger-filled reign as masked vigilante and protector of Gotham, Alfred leaves Bruce to his own devices, hoping that this will urge the Bat into early retirement. After he leaves, a knock at the door wakes Bruce up. He calls out for Alfred, and then stumbles out of bed himself to open the door. With video surveillance, he could have known if friend or foe was at the door, and if you’re a millionaire or a superhero in a city plagued with crime, then you might want to know who’s ringing your doorbell before answering.


So do you agree or disagree? Would the caped crusader benefit from home security? Leave a comment with your thoughts on the movie, on home security, or your overall thoughts on life.

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