5 Things 'The Walking Dead' and 'Breaking Bad' Have In Common
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5 Things ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Have In Common


Besides the fact that both FX and HBO couldn’t handle these shows and they happily landed on AMC, here are five other striking similarities the two hit TV shows share.

1. Blue Meth in The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad Blue Meth

In The Walking Dead episode “Bloodletting“, there is a particular scene where Daryl, (Norman Reedus) pulls out a drug stash that belonged to his brother, Merle. In the picture above, among other drugs any fan of Breaking Bad will distinctly see a familiar blue — the same blue that drug-lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston) branded his signature crystal meth.

Robert Kirkman, a creator of the Walking Dead comics and a producer of the television series, said that the inclusion of the blue meth was indeed a little Easter egg for AMC fans.

2. Glenn’s Dodge Challenger

Glenns Dodge Challenger

Back in the Atlanta days of The Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee, (Steven Yeun) did what I feel most of us would like to do in the early stages of a ‘walker’ outbreak. Take a hot red Dodge Challenger for a thrilling hot wired joyride.

Also looking for that rush of power and freedom is none other than Breaking Bad’s Walter White. In episode “Fifty One”, he too takes a similarly sleek and sexy Dodge Challenger for a joyride. However, he eventually is urged to return the car by his wife, Skyler. Typical. The interesting part in all this however is that when Walter is urged to return the car, he takes it back to a “Glenn”?…

3. You Can’t Spell Survival Without RV

The Walking Dead RV

I’m not done with the vehicles just yet – in the early day’s of both shows, alarmingly an RV is the choice auto for survival. The Walking Dead gang drove around in a 1977 D-27C Winnebago Chieftain, which at one point of course breaks down.

Meanwhile over in Breaking Bad, Walter starts his new found mobile meth lab in a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder.

If I want to get really technical with the similarities, the RV in Breaking Bad also broke down. Specifically when Jesse, (Aaron Paul), accidentally drained the battery on an extended cook session.

So pro tip: Don’t ever choose the Winnebago.

4. Less is Morley


In “Save The Last One” (Season 2 Episode 3 of The Walking Dead), Dale contemplates smoking a “Morley” branded cigarette while standing on the roof of his RV. May contain ricin.

Can you also guess the brand of the cigarette used throughout the final season of Breaking Bad?

Yep you’ve guessed it. “Morley”.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, was also an executive producer on The X-Files and “Morley” was the fictional brand of cigarette preferred by that series’ character C.G.B. Spender, AKA The Cigarette-Smoking Man.

To add on to the The X-Files connection many of you may recognize Laurie Holden (see below) where she played Marita Covarrubias, the U.N. informant to Fox Mulder.

Check out this really awesome list of other shows where the fictitious “Morley” cigarette brand shows up.


5. The Walking Dead Literally In Breaking Bad

Alright so this might be a stretch but do you remember how season 4 of Breaking Bad ended with Gus emerging from Tio’s room, straightening his tie and, for a moment, appeared to have survived the explosion until the camera pans to the other side of Gus’ face, er, or lack thereof.

Vince Gilligan “Bad” creator had the special effects crew from fellow AMC series “Walking Dead” team up with the “Breaking Bad” crew to work for months on that one scene.

Who else better to truly get that walking dead look?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for season 4 on Oct. 13

This article was written by James McNulty. James is a writer and SEO Manager for Smith Monitoring. Keep up with him on Twitter.

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