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7 Custom Cabinet Options for Your Kitchen

  • Jan 31 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog

A SMART home‘s kitchen is designed to be practical and easy to use. Your kitchen cabinets play a major part in a kitchen’s usability and choosing the ones that are just right can be a chore. It would be easier to simply pick out stock cabinets, but if you want to take advantage of the full functionality of your kitchen, considering custom cabinet options would be the best choice.

Here are some things to consider when picking out your custom cabinets.

Cabinet Style

There are two basic styles in kitchen cabinetry: framed and frameless. Framed cabinets are the traditional American style kitchen cabinetry. They are sturdier but have less space than the frameless style. Frameless cabinets are also called European cabinets. They are a first-rate pick if you are going for a European style or contemporary style kitchen, though they go well with any kitchen design. 

Frameless cabinets are easier to build and are also cheaper. But depending on your custom choices, the prices for both can range in the tens of thousands for high-level customization.

Wood Choices

Hardwoods are the primary choices for kitchen cabinetry, like oak, maple, hickory, and cherry. 

Consider two things: grain and color. Matching the grain can give either an upscale or rustic look. The darker colored woods put a richer, somewhat formal tone to your kitchen. Use the lighter colored woods for a warmer and more airy feel. 

Veneered cabinets, usually plywood with a hardwood cover, are cheaper and easier to match to a kitchen’s overall design. Basic wood or those with plywood inside would cost about $80 for a linear foot, and rare woods $165.


Staining your cabinets allows you to get exactly the feel you want without having to spend too much on expensive wood. A good finish can be done yourself. 

There are more options for appropriate finish or finished-looking cabinets if you choose laminate or Thermofoil over wood cabinets. Laminate would cost above $50 but less than a hundred, and Thermofoil is even cheaper.


There are many choices for cabinet knobs and handles. These come in a variety of different materials from metal to wood to glass and in an abundance of traditional or contemporary styles. 

Modern style kitchens look best with sleek, streamlined designs, and tubular or rectangular shapes. Vintage hardware would look good in European kitchens and any traditional kitchen design. Hardware can cost anywhere from $1 per piece to a thousand dollars for an expensive indulgence.


Most people don’t pay attention to cabinet doors, even though there are many things you could do with one. There are sliding doors, hinged doors that open out, doors with frosted glass or stained glass, doors with additional holding racks on the inside, etc. Hinged double doors are the most popular and the simplest to install, as well as the most practical. 

It’s possible to use any material in a cabinet door but most use wood and glass. The prices depend on the material being used and the panel designs, from $21 for plain pine to $120 for panelled oak. 


There are different choices for drawers that affect overall kitchen functionality. Drawers that pull-out all the way might be easier to clean and air out, but you run the slight risk of accidentally spilling the contents or of small children pulling them out inadvertently.

Unfinished cabinets generally cost under $100 but again depends on materials used. There is also the option of installing tilt-out trays under the sink rather than drawers. These cost around $25.

Racks and Baskets

These are options that can be installed on wider cabinet doors. Racks and baskets can be found in any kitchen accessory section and they give additional functionality to your kitchen cabinets.

For instance, towel racks, wire baskets for food or utensils, and wooden racks for light containers. They can be bought and installed for less than $30.

Knowing the custom cabinet options for the kitchen you have makes choosing and installing the best cabinetry for your kitchen style easier and more efficient. What do you look for when picking out cabinets?

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