7 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer
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7 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

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I bet you’re starting to get a little excited now. Every time you look out of the window you probably see the sun. It’s been a long winter and it won’t be much longer until the warm weather hits us. You will soon be able to let your hair down and relax for the next few months and you deserve it, but first you have got some work to do. You still need to prepare your home for summer and we’re going to look at what you need to do in order to get it ready.

Clean your air filters

Go around your home and clean out your air filters. If you have a screwdriver you can take the face off the ducts and get rid of the dust properly. You need to remember that everything has to work harder when it’s clogged up with dust and you end up using a lot more electricity. It should only take you an hour to go around cleaning everywhere out.

Dust the fans

If you haven’t used your ceiling fans for months there is a good chance there is a nice layer of dust on top of the blades. I’m sure you don’t want it flying all over your room as soon as you switch them on. It’s even worse when the dust lands in your face. If your blades are uneven you can also try to straighten them out and your fan will make less noise.

Inspect the air-con unit

The air-conditioning unit is where you will be spending the big bucks this summer, especially if it’s really hot outside and you need to keep it on at all times. Get someone out to have a look at it and they will tune it up. It will cost you more money up-front, but when you have an old air-con unit and it’s not running efficiently it will send your energy bill through the roof.

Shut off the fireplace

If you have a fire in the living room you are probably not going to use it this summer. You should think about closing it off until winter rolls around. If you don’t close it off you will have a huge hole inside your room where heat can escape from. Even if you’re not going to burn wood at night you still don’t want your room to be cold because all of the heat is getting away.

Get the barbeque ready

It’s not very often we get a chance to use the barbeque in winter because it’s usually too cold. It just sits in the garden waiting until it’s brought back to life. You better go outside and start cleaning it so it’d ready to use. If you cook a lot of food on your barbeque it means you won’t need to use your oven as often and it will stop the inside of your home from heating up too much.

Clean your windows

The windows are going to become your best friend in summer because they will keep the cool air inside, plus they will do their best to keep the warm air out. Make sure you check around the window seals to see if they need replaced. You will also want to look out of the windows more when it’s sunny outside and you won’t be able to do that unless they are clean.

Swap over the curtains

If you have big thick curtains you should definitely replace them with lighter ones. If you don’t replace them it’s going to feel like a sauna inside your living room when you’re watching TV. You could always leave the curtains open, but when the sun is bright you might need to close them in order to stay in the shade.

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