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A Little Spring Cleaning Never Hurt Anybody

  • Mar 22 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Photo by vastateparkstaff via Flickr

Yesterday was the official first day of spring and you know what that means…spring-cleaning. After a long winter hibernation (read: didn’t clean anything at), it’s time to finally pick up that broom and mop and get to work removing that weird pile of clothes that may or may not be moving. We shall tackle this task together starting with:

Make An Action Plan

If you’re anything like me, you never know where to start when it comes to spring-cleaning. The moment I start cleaning one room, I see an even bigger mess in a different room so I try to clean that, but then I see an even bigger mess in the next room so I move on to that and…you get the point. An action plan is the perfect solution to this big nasty cleaning circle. Your action plan may look different from mine but it should assign tasks to specific family members or a professional and then a potential reward for a job well done.
My favorite tool I’ve found for creating an action plan are these downloadable spring cleaning checklists. They’ve broken down each room by the tasks that need to be completed, suggestions for who can handle each task (your kids, your husband, a professional), what type of cleaning product you should use, as well as some helpful tips and links to other articles for cleaning ideas. The best part is that you can print these out, tape them to the fridge or the door, and check off the tasks as you go.

Safety First!

Always use your common sense when using a new cleaning product, so before you start spraying away, read the directions. Will it cause your skin to fall off or give you chemical super powers if you don’t wear gloves or goggles when you use it? Err on the side of caution whenever using cleaning products. On that same note, while most products have a green or chemical-free option, you need to make sure you read the labels of all cleaning solutions and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Kids love to help out, but if they’re young, always supervise them.

Cleaning’s Done, Time to Party!

The floors are swept, every surface is gleaming, and your glass sliding door is so clear that the dog has tried to run through it, twice. All the tasks on your checklists are checked; you can now sit down with the family for a nice big reward. Go out to the zoo, your favorite restaurant, or the bookstore, whatever you guys decided on. You worked hard so now you should celebrate!


Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil

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