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A National Day Event For Red Light Outreach

  • Sep 30 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog, Uncategorized

One of our newest clients put in a huge order last week for the upcoming National Holiday. It was so much fun spending the past week creating and producing a product that we knew she would love! In the beginning when we were starting the bakery, it was really hard for me to completely connect working hard building up the bakery with helping women in our city leave the sex industry.
I just wanted to be in brothels hanging out with them, so spending days working on business plans and products was frustrating at times. But now that we’re actually doing business, I can clearly see how important it is for us to have a successful, stable business going before we can invite women to leave the instability of the sex industry to come work for us. They need stability and certainty, and we want to provide that for them. So having big projects like the one we worked on all last week, and making connections with other restaurants and coffee shops in the city, is really exciting for us!

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