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Alarm System: Good For Your Home, Good For You

  • Nov 11 / 2011
Home Security Industry, Smith Home Security Blog

Security alarm systems have proven their worth to homeowners by preventing and interrupting home invasions and other incidents. From discouraging would-be thieves to contacting residents, monitoring companies, or emergency service personnel in the event of an intrusion attempt, security systems are often able to protect a home, its belongings, and its inhabitants. But while a home security system is commonly prized for its abilities in maintaining the physical security of a home, there is an accompanying effect; that is, a security system’s ability to instill a sense of mental security, improving the psychological health and well-being of owners.

A home is a powerful place. It can provide feelings of comfort and enjoyment, safety and belonging, unmatched by any other place in the world. When a person suspects that their home might be in danger, these positive feelings dissipate, replaced by fear about staying in their own home or unease in leaving their property even for a short time. Making the choice to secure the property with an alarm system not only prevents crimes, but can contribute enormously to the restoration of confidence in one’s home –a benefit that in turn promotes a more worry-free lifestyle and improved mental health.

Many homeowners live with abject concern about intrusions, burglaries, or in-home personal attacks because they do not know how to protect their home or think protective measures are too aggressive. Perhaps they see placing bars on their windows as too restricting or ugly, while replacing the installations with “burglar-proof” panes is too invasive. Likewise, an upgrade to a door or entryway may be otherwise unviable. In these cases, a security system is a more secure and elegant solution. It creates little to no change in a home’s appearance but provides long-term, effective security at all times. Those who opt for a security system will find that spending quality time with family and friends, getting a good night’s rest, and simply enjoying favorite in-home activities are all easier and more enjoyable without the constant worry of home vulnerability.

The theft of valuable belongings, loss of sentimentally priceless items, and damage to the property itself are all valid concerns heightened by inadequate home security. These concerns lead some to worry about theft and damage every time they leave their property. There is perhaps no better way to allay these fears than through the purchase of a home security system. Whether at work, at the store, or on vacation, owners can rest assured that their property is protected in their absence. Though the operation of a security system is typically as simple as setting the alarm’s conditions and learning a personal security code, a great deal of mental relief can be gained by engaging in these basic steps and leaving the rest to the alarm’s functionality.

Safety is a major component of assessing and attributing home value. Equipping a home with a quality security system instantly increases the value of the property, both physically and mentally. People who feel comfortable in the safety of their homes are able to leave the property unattended without incurring any stress over potential crimes, and they commonly feel more confident and proud of their home. Just as performing a major seasonal cleaning helps homeowners feel more at peace with their properties, or a renovation transforms their home into a place that offers a truer sense of belonging, so too installing an alarm system improves a homeowner’s connection and level of comfort with their own property.

Any modification related to home improvement or security can be expensive and should be considered carefully before purchases are made; alarm systems are no exceptions. From the most basic systems to highly advanced models, home alarm systems vary greatly in cost as well as capabilities. As a result, it is a wise idea to have a clear idea of one’s security needs, and then closely examine the different systems for features before making a decision. While each homeowner’s set of needs varies, peace of mind and a sense of security and comfort are commonly available with a home security system. From contributing to better mental health and easier sleep to combating the physical effects of stress and worry, the personal advantages of an effective security solution may command a hefty price. However, no matter what type of security system is considered, buyers should factor in the psychological benefits of feeling safe and secure.

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