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Bathroom Wars: Banish The Budgeting Blues

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The bathroom is arguably the most important room of any house, providing a haven away from the stresses of modern life.  From finding the ideal bathroom suitesand tiles, to sourcing rugs and mirrors, shopping for bathroom fixtures can actually be a little bit fun.

Call Churchill? Oh Yes!
Before you get going on any renovation plans, it is important to remember the age old saying ‘he who fails to plan is planning to fail.’  Whilst unlike Winston Churchill you are not guiding a country through World War II, renovating any room sometimes feels like a bit of a battle.  Choose your fights carefully and fix any existing problems before you get going, this will save you a lot of time and even more stress as work gets underway.  One way in which to ensure the space available within a bathroom is maximised is to have a spring clean no matter what time of year it is and complete a detailed floor plan of the area.  This way, you can plan where bathroom suites,cabinets and towel rails will fit best.  You do not want to have everything installed only to discover that the space does not fit in with your lifestyle and needs.

Like any good leader, before you commence proceedings it is advisable to be honest with yourself.  If you would like solid gold taps but know your budget will not stretch to such luxuries, it is best to make sure your budget and shopping list correlate from the get-go.  However, there is no reason why a smaller budget cannot produce equally impressive results.  Compare prices for items both online and in shops, taking your time to find the best deal and ensuring you are spending your hard earned cash wisely.

Cheap and Cheerful
There are a variety of ways to bring your bathroom bang up to date without spending a lot of money.  Old furniture, such as storage cabinets, can be up-cycled with a fresh lick of paint and new handles.  This is one way to bring your personality into the space.  Another is to add rugs or pieces of art to the room.  These personal pieces will not only add a style injection but instantly catch the eye of any visitors and become a talking point.  Additionally, a splash of colour can be achieved through employing tile paints and stickers.  This cheap and easy alternative to re-tiling creates an imaginative look and there is no reason why you cannot mix and match colours and prints to produce a truly innovative design.  Lighting is another cheap way in which to add some glamour.  There is a huge array of products on the market, from spotlights to chandeliers, so spend some time searching for the perfect one for you.  A final cheeky tip to banish the spending blues is to focus on accessories.  Purchasing fresh towels and decanting shampoos and conditioners into vivid containers will make every product look gorgeously glam.  Containers can be used to reflect the season, with bright colours reflecting the spring mood.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
There are some instances where you may need to spend a little more to achieve an amazing result.  Splurging on bathroom suitesis not to be sniffed at; after all, you will be spending the majority of your time in the bath or shower once in the room.  Power showers and state-of-the-art radiators are similarly worth spending some cash on as they will add to the overall appearance of the room and make a real design statement.  Whichever style you go for, once the renovation is complete ensure you treat yourself to a long, relaxing bath.  Chances are you deserve it.

Aimee Coppock is a freelance writer who specialises in renovating bathrooms and sourcing bathroom suites.

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