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The Benefits of Having a Motion for Your Home Security

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When it comes to home security, guarding the points of entry to the home is crucial. Widows are a common method for burglars to gain entry. This means that windows should have some form of protection that will prevent burglars from entering. If a home is prewired, sometimes there will be wires that can be used for a glass break or a motion detector running in the corners of ceilings. These wires are sometimes naked, but they can also have contact around them, depending on what the builder wanted. If the wires are naked, the alarm installation crew will cover them with contact when installing an alarm system. These wires should run to all of the windows in the house and even to the doors. Of course, not every home is prewired. There are three different methods of protecting windows. If a home is not prewired, the best way to protect it is through a motion detector.

Motion detectors generally provide the best coverage for windows within the home. They offer the greatest amount of coverage and detect windows being broken, cut, or even opened. While a glass break is only set to react to actual breaks in windows, motion detectors do that and more. Glass breaks do not work if the window is opened or cut. Another problem with glass breaks is they are useless if the person is unable to hear the sound of breaking glass.

Contacts on windows can be valuable in protecting a house. Unlike glass breaks, window contacts aid in stopping burglars from simply opening a window and entering the home. However, contacts are useless if a burglar breaks the window. This is why a motion detector is needed. Motion detectors are able to detect movement in or around the house. This means when a window is broken it will be immediately detected. While some burglars are now taping windows so that the glass breaks won’t pick up on a broken windows, and able to get into homes, this trick will not outsmart a motion detector. Even if a burglar gets inside of the home, their movement will still be picked up by the motion detector.

The only problem motion detector users might encounter is when dealing with pets. Pets can set off motion detectors and send false alarms. This can be easily fixed. Most monitoring companies offer sensors that are compatible with pets. These packages can be programmed so as not to go off when anything under fifty pounds is within the monitored range. For especially large pets, the system can often be programmed not to detect anything under one hundred pounds.

While glass breaks and contacts are beneficial in protecting the home, motion detectors are far more thorough. The only time a motion detector might not be the best option is when a house is pre-wired and if there are pets. In this case, a glass break would do a good job. However, most of the time, motion detectors do the best job and save you money.

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