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  • Aug 08 / 2013
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3 Apps To Help You Hang Onto Your Cash

Nowadays, cash is becoming harder to hang on to. Prices are rising for everything everywhere, and before  you have time to really enjoy the money in your bank, it’s gone! Here are a couple of apps that can help you save your hard-earned cash!

snipsnap app

Tired of clipping coupons? Me too. It’s always hard for me to stay on the dotted lines. Thankfully, technology has a great solution for unskilled folk like myself. The SnipSnap app will take care of all the clipping for you. Simply just take a picture of your printed offer, and the app will convert all of the text, images, and barcodes into a redeemable, mobile-optimized offer. This app works at many national retailers (but not for all, unfortunately). You can use coupons from any source: the Sunday Paper, the junk mail, or even printouts from the web. And for those of you who don’t have any coupons at your disposal, don’t worry. SnipSnap has a discovery tool that will help you find the best coupon for you. Check out the featured coupons from SnipSnap or see what your friends and family have been up to. And don’t worry, the SnipSnap app will remember expiration dates for you to let you know when you should jump on those deals. Help yourself save some serious cash with this app.

slickdeals app

If you’ve never heard of SlickDeals, I pity you. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn. SlickDeals is the largest community-driven deal sharing site in the U.S. Users come here to discuss popular daily deals, and the best deals up-voted by the community will reach the front page. From there, you can decide whether or not you want to cash in on the slick deal. And don’t worry, you can trust the deals that popup on this website/app. These deals go through extensive research by the community. Most deals will also provide you with the price history of the item, reviews from the community, additional coupon codes, and more. This will help you ensure that you save the maximum amount of money. So, do yourself and favor and start saving on random stuff (it’s always stuff I “need,” I promise!).

alarm.com app

Need help reducing energy bills? You’re in luck. Home security monitoring companies like Smith Monitoring have been implementing home automation with their security systems. With my Seguin home security system from them, I’ve been able to save enough energy to power a city (okay, maybe not that much, but still). How? It’s easy. With the Alarm.com app, I can control my home from anywhere. I can check to see what lights or appliances have been left on (usually all of them when I’m in a rush), and if I need to, I can use the app to turn them all off. It’s that simple. I can even control my thermostat while I’m away. This remote power helps me save big on energy costs. And trust me, it feels good to see a low energy bill during the summer months.

About the author: Tim Slater is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Tim is also a pet freak, tech geek, and blogger. Keep up with his blogs to stay updated with the latest gadgets, apps, and furry friend news.

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