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  • Feb 12 / 2011
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Smith Cares

Companies Against Human Trafficking, Promoting A New Way to do Business

Becoming A Company of Impact – The Core Value of Smith Monitoring

Smith Monitoring® is a family owned home security company, founded in 2006 with the idea that success is not just about building profits and assets but is quantified in terms of the impact that it has in people’s lives. In 2010 several executives spent a good portion of the year travelling both internationally and throughout the United States casting this vision of business success to other local and multinational executives and entrepreneurs. During this time they helped to launch several like minded companies in developing nations and joined together with these and other businesses to reach out to the local communities by providing free business training, one on one mentoring/counseling, disaster relief as well as other social and community development projects.

In addition to its human resources Smith gave over $50,000 for both local and international impact projects while at the same time having its best gross sales year in the companies history. The company was able to provide home security service to over 3500 new clients. The executive team was deeply affected by some of the social injustice that they saw while traveling in 2010 and they have made a commitment to use these resources to be a voice speaking for those who have no voice.

In early 2011 Smith launched a social justice campaign called “Companies Against Human Trafficking”. This program brought companies together to raise money and create awareness for women and children who are being exploited in the growing sex trade industry. Human trafficking, known to many as modern day slavery is a social injustice that has recently received more international attention as statistical data shows that it is growing more rapidly than any other illegal activity and is estimated to soon overtake drug trafficking in overall revenue. The U.N. states there are over 2.5 million people caught in human trafficking, and according to the US Department of Justice there are currently over 100,000 child prostitutes in the United States. Smith is joining with other companies and non-profit organizations with a strategy to help fund and promote the fight against modern day slavery. Smith plans use its marketing resources and is looking to leverage social media to help promote the fight against this injustice while continuing to cast the vision of what it means to be a “Company of Impact”

When asked about Smith’s success in 2010, CEO Dwayne Stoltzfus said, “Smith’s growth has given us both resources and more importantly a voice to have a positive impact in the lives of our employees, vendors and clients as well our society.” He goes on to say, “In 2011 we are poised to grow at an even faster rate than previous years but our success will be based off of how well we can steward the resources and voice that we have been given.

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