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Choosing Glass For Your Windows

  • Apr 15 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog


If you’re tired of seeing the old, clear glass on your windows, then maybe you need to refresh that look with newer and better-looking glass. Whether you are replacing the glass windows in your bedroom or living room, the type of glass you need depends on the features you want. Consider energy efficiency, security, strength and heat blocking features when choosing glass for your windows.

Types of Glass for Windows

Tinted glass:

In most hot climates, tinted glass is a good choice because it reduces the radiant heat that enters the windows. It absorbs heat to keep indoor temperatures cool.

Reflective glass:

Just like the tinted glass, it reduces radiant heat; but instead of absorbing it, it reflects heat with a coat of reflective film.

Low-Emmissivity glass:

More commonly known as Low-E glass, it is among the highest quality in the energy-efficient category. Low-e glass reflects up to 70%of the radiant heat without diminishing the amount of light that passes through it.

Tempered glass:

Tempered glass makes for a great choice in external windows and doors. It is very strong and when it breaks, it does not shatter into jagged shards, but into tine pellets of glass to prevent harm to people near it.

Security glass:

If you are fond of movies or are very protective of your own privacy, you can have a security glass installed. This type of glass is usually opaque and available in several textures to suit your preference.

Single-paned or Double-paned glass:

You also have the option to install windows with single or double panes. If you live in a hot climate, you can have single panes. In colder climates, however, you will want double-paned windows that are filled with argon gas to save energy and heating costs.

Stained glass:

For a more elaborate design, stained glass windows are great particularly on your front doors. They may be more expensive due to the nature of the design and craftsmanship involved in manufacturing, but it is well worth it if your home’s design requires such an elegant window.

When choosing the type of window glass, consider also your home’s architectural design so as not to compromise its integrity. Find also the best combination of features to increase your energy savings and improve insulation in your home. With the right glass windows, you can enhance the look of your home while enjoying the perks of energy efficient, strong and beautiful windows.

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