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Choosing Wall Tiles For Your Kitchen

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You have decided that your kitchen walls need a revamp and the way to do so is by adding some new wall tiles. In most homes, when you walk into an old fashioned kitchen, you often see cream tiles that look a bit dirty and unappealing. Even adding in new worktops and appliances won’t take away the fact that the walls look worn out. However tiles don’t have to cost a lot and they can really transform the look of a room, but with so much choice how do you pick what is right for your home?


First of all there are numerous sizes of tiles. Really small mosaic squares look amazing but I would say that they would be better placed within a bathroom than a kitchen. They also wouldn’t be very practical because a lot more grease and grime gets on kitchen tiles and the colour of the grouting in-between the tiles wouldn’t stay white for very long. As these tiles are really small the dirt would stand out a lot. In a kitchen I would opt for larger tiles as they look more modern and will be easier to keep clean.


Many people opt for white or cream to keep things neutral, however this can look really dull and boring and I would say don’t be afraid of adding a bit of color! The kitchen is the heart of the home and were colourful food should be prepared and family time spent, so you should make it a fun and inviting room to be in. If you are working with a really small kitchen then sticking to lighter tiles will help the space appear larger however if you have an average sized kitchen or are lucky and have a large room then add a bit of color! You could choose different tiles to the rest of the walls and create a bright red splashback of tiles behind your sink and oven area for something different.


Finally there are a number of materials to choose from which can depend on the kind of look you are aiming for. If you have a traditional kitchen with a light and airy feel choose natural stone tiles. If you are designing a more modern and contemporary kitchen opt for ceramic tiles like the ones from the Ceramic Tile Company. You should check what qualities each type has before you choose it, with natural stone tiles you have to seal them before putting them on the walls whereas ceramic tiles are ready to be placed on already.

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