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Creating a Versatile Kid’s Bedroom

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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be tricky, especially if you want to come up with a theme that will last a few years. Children change their likes and dislikes frequently. While their favorite color, character or theme may be the best for them in this season, you can never be sure when they’ll outgrow that characters and want a change.

Make a Flexible Room With Accessories

One way to save money (and hassle) when it comes to decorating a room for children is to use plain paint and carpets, and use accessories to give their room personality. If the room is a neutral blue or cool green, and the theme comes from the curtains, duvet cover, clock and other accessories, you can change-up the look in moments. As the child gets older the flower theme can be changed to bold stripes or color blocks, and other things they find themselves interested in.

Cool Murals and Bed Frames

Stick-on murals can add a lot of flavor to a room, and offer a unique look that none of your child’s friends are likely to have. This cool dinosaur themed room features a dinosaur “smashing” through the wall. The dinosaur is painted on in this case, but you can buy stickers that display the same look or a similar idea. Younger children will love this animal themed set of wall stickers.

Racecar beds and four-poster beds are always a hit with children, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a kid’s bed. Buy a regular twin or full sized bed with safety measures fit to your child’s age and size. Create a princess feel and look by installing a draping canopy above the bed. Add Christmas lights that can double as a night-light, and add an extra sparkling effect to the room. Dress the bed with their favorite colored sheets rather than a character or theme.

Clever Storage

No matter how much storage space you provide for a child, you can be sure they’ll fill it and still have clutter left over to throw on the floor! When you’re designing a new room for your child, try to fit in as much storage as possible. In addition to shelving, consider using under-bed storage areas, hanging areas for clothes (if the child is old enough that this will be safe), boxes, and seats with storage built-in. Add some brightly colored bean bags for friends to sit on too.

Shared Rooms

Designing a room that suits more than one child is especially tricky, and it’s even harder if the children are different genders.  One great way to create a gender-neutral room that any young child will love is to make good use of all of the primary colours.  Avoid rooms that are themed exclusively around pink or blue, and use yellow, red, white, green and blue equally.  All children love cheerful, bright rooms, and if you include a good mixture of toys they will be able to make the room their own.

This guide was created by Creatively Different, who provide a range of designer blinds for children and grown-ups alike!


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