Decorating Your Home With LED Lights
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Decorating Your Home With LED Lights

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The popularity of basic cable channels like the Home and Gardening Channel has led to an absolute revolution in the way homeowners approach remodeling projects. These days, most of us feel pretty confident about tackling home improvement projects that might have been left to professionals in years past.

Not only are homeowners tackling more complicated projects, they’ve also embraced new technologies that allow them to express their creativity in all kinds of exciting ways. One innovation that’s seeing a lot of use in this remodel revolution is LED lighting.

LED lighting is simple to install and can be used throughout the interior, and exterior of almost any home. Whether you’re looking to beef up your indoor or outdoor lighting situation, this material is worth a look.

Dress Up Dark Corners

Most homes, especially older homes, have one or two dark corners that just aren’t inviting at all. Whether it’s an area that’s far from natural light or a space that’s been darkened by furniture placement, these areas wind up seeing little use and take away from the general look of your home. Fortunately, LED lighting can make a big difference in these gloomy spaces.

Simply taking down a few feet of LED rope lighting along the floor in these areas takes just a few minutes and can turn the space around completely.  The best part is that you really don’t need any special electrical knowledge to install LED rope lighting. All it takes is a hammer and some cutting tools.

This type of lighting can even be used to take your home entertainment center up a notch or two. Just line the area behind your television with the lights and you’ll be amazed how it adds to the overall feel of the space without distracting from what’s going on the screen.

Light Up the Night

Outdoor areas like yards, decks and swimming pools are another great place that can really benefit from some LED lighting. LED landscape lighting can be used to illuminate garden paths, patio stairs, or even the bottom or your swimming pool.

Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED rope lights don’t give off much in the way of ambient heat, so they’re safe to use year round. You can leave your LED lights on 24 hours a day and they’ll never generate enough heat to ignite dry grass and brush.

Many homeowners also find that the mellow glow from this kind of lighting system is much more pleasing outdoors than a standard light bulb.

The Safety Factor

In commercial spaces, LED lighting has long been used as a safety enhancement and that’s something that be transferred to the home space, too.

For example, how many times have you been reluctant to venture down to your own basements or crawl space because it’s just too dark and creepy? Lining the edges of your basement floor with white rope lights helps cast an even glow that makes those dark, underground spaces a lot easier, and safer, to deal with.


LED rope lights are easy to install; look great; and can enhance almost any part of your home.

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About the Author: Andreea Lauren is landscape designer. She also writes about home improvement and gardening.

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