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Dog, Cat, Snake, Rat: Keep Your Pets Safe

  • Feb 09 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Over 50% of US homes have at least one pet and that number is increasing annually. Are you a devoted dog person? Or a loyal cat person? No matter the answer, one thing’s for certain, our pets aren’t just pets, they’re part of the family. They say that animals understand love and compassion so by providing them with a safe and secure environment, you give them the care and affection they need. Before you decide on a pet, you must take into account a variety of factors that will affect you and your pet’s life and safety.


Before you rush out and grab the next stray cat you see, you must decide which kind of pet is the right kind for your family. Does your son have a severe allergy to dog dander? Does your wife have asthma? If this is the case, then hypoallergenic animals or possibly a feathered or scaly pet is right for you. Recognizing health concerns is a crucial part of choosing the perfect pet. Also, make sure that if you have other animals that they and the new addition will get along well. If you have a dog that absolutely can’t stand the sight of a cat, showing up with Mr. Meowmers might not be the best idea. All of these factors contribute to the safety of your pets and your home.


When researching the ideal pet for you, investigate the place or people you’re buying it from. A respectable seller will provide you with proper documentation of the pet’s breed, vaccinations, the pedigree (if that’s something you value), and where it came from. There are many people out there trying to make a quick buck by misleading others into thinking the animal is an exotic breed, thus demanding higher prices. There are even people who knowingly sell animals that are sick or dying just to make money. And we’ve all heard of puppy mills. By going through respectable venders, you help prevent the spread of disease and abuse, keeping you and your pet safer.


Vaccinating your pet is critical to ensuring their and your safety. There are many diseases and infections that can be transmitted back and forth between your pets and you (Lyme Disease, Rabies, Hookworm). Kids are especially prone to these diseases because of their lower immune system strength. Not to mention, they love to roll around with Mr. Meowmers and Mrs. PawPaw, giving them prime access to all those lovely germs. By vaccinating your animals at the proper times, you can almost entirely eliminate this possibility.


25% of people blow-dry their pets. While this isn’t necessary, it is important that you keep your pets as cleans as possible by giving them baths regularly. This will improve their hygiene, keeping everyone in your family safe from those nasty infection-inducing germs.
By keeping your pet safe, you keep your family safe.

Photo by Normanak

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