Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Love Their Bedrooms
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Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Love Their Bedrooms

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As kids get older their tastes change –  suddenly the pink horses on their walls or blue sail boats on their PJs just don’t cut it anymore. So what can you do as a parent when kids leave their time as toddlers behind and start developing tastes of their own?

Here are a few tips to help you through the inevitable fact of seeing your little one grow up and hopefully give them a space they can enjoy as long as they’re under your roof.

Keep Up With The Times
Time moves much faster for a parent than it does for a child. It may seem that your child has only just got into Lego when they suddenly start wearing nothing but black and only emerge when the sun has gone down.

If that’s true then how can you be expected to know what they’re into? Put simply you spy on them. Now this doesn’t mean setting up cameras to follow them around. It can be as simple as asking them,  but by being observant and asking them what they enjoy  you can start to design changes to their room without seriously upsetting them. Nobody wants rugby based wallpaper when they’re actually a football fan after all!

Small Touches
Kids grow up and out of things quickly and this can be disastrous if you decide to invest in their room for the long term. Instead it is often easier to keep the room a neutral colour and then put up various sized picture frames. This way the transition from ponies to boy bands to Nirvana can be achieved without needing to revamp the entire room.

It also means that when the fateful day comes around that they decide to leave the nest, they can pick up their identity and move it with them (and no annoying blutac marks for you to remove eiher).

Make It Fun!
For all the adult benefits of keeping it neutral, this is your child’s fortress – the one place in the world that they can retreat to be alone. And their privacy is an important thing. As such, do what you can to make it exciting for them!

This doesn’t have to mean 40 inch flat screen televisions or every new games console under the sun, but rather a place that should reflect their personality. A guitar or even a football table could keep them entertained for hours on end. These are only a few suggestions to help you adapt to your child’s ever-changing demands. Coupled with a few creative ideas they will undoubtedly have you are already on your way towards achieving a space that will keep everybody happy.

Whether it is the change from children’s lighting to teenage darkness or swapping horses for horticulture, a parent’s job is never done. With any luck, this has made it just a little bit easier. Have you got any other suggestions how you can transform your offspring’s bedroom in to a space they’ll love?  Let us know.

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Domonic Archer is a passionate writer and enthusiastic blogger. He writes for Candis and Litecraft.

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