Fake Apple Ad Says iOS 7 Makes Your Phone Waterproof And People Fall For It
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Fake Apple Ad Says iOS 7 Makes Your Phone Waterproof And People Fall For It

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A couple days ago an ad was made that claimed that the new iPhone operating system that was rolled out just recently by Apple would compliment the phones hardware by making it waterproof.

ios 7 waterproof

Now most people that have been current with software, hardware, and all things tech completely understand that this really doesn’t make any sense at all. Seeing that iOS 7 is a software update, means that it can only accomplish so much. It can only bring an effect to software.

Now there are some people that do not stay educated with technology. Which isn’t that big of a deal, but then when you factor in the people that actually tried it out, it gets really hilarious, really fast. Here are some vines we found.

We saw that it picked up pretty well on twitter as well. It’s hard to tell the trolls from the people actually falling for it at first..


Then theres the ones that fell for it…


At the end of the day, there is a good rule of thumb I always like to use when it comes to rumors, announcements, and anything regarding Apple… Someone told me one day: “If it isn’t on Apple.com, it isn’t true”


This article was written by Ronak KallianpurRonak is a writer for Trigger Marketing GroupDallas Marketing Firm. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and check out his music on Soundcloud. Follow his personal blog here.


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