Five Ways Lightning Can Damage Your Home
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Five Ways Lightning Can Damage Your Home

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There are several ways that lightning can damage someone’s home and their belongings, some ways are worse than others. For example, in some cases individuals have been left homeless due this home being destroyed by the force of lightning.  This is why in some areas of the world some people get insurance cover for lightning damage. If you want to know more about lightning and the damage it can cause to your home then read below for five ways that lightning can damage your home.

1. Any building without the correct lightning protection can be damaged as a result of a direct lightning strike. Objects such as chimneys, roofing materials, air conditioning machines, heaters will be in danger of being hit and potentially destroyed. Lightning can also cause fires so you need to be on the watch out for any flammable liquids surrounding your home. Did you know that lightning can be carried in to a building via telephone, electric power, and analog or digital lines.

2. Wires and cables within your home are not safe from the destructive path of lightning. The electromagnetic fields from the current in a strike of lightning damage the wires inside your house. Surge currents are known to be less intense in comparison to the direct injection of current. Despite it being less powerful it can still damage integrated circuits in computers, electronic control circuits, modems, etc.

3. Plumbing pipes and other piping such as gas lines can be directly damaged by lightning. Findings from the Orlando Utilities Commission link lightning strikes to pinholes in metal plumbing pipes.  We can do various things to prevent plumbing from being struck, you can pressure test pipes for leaks and you can visually check for leaks in the pipes and appliances.  This may seem like a lot of effort but thing of all the damage it could potentially prevent.

4. If lightning strikes the main phone line in your neighbourhood or outside your home, the electricity from the strike will travel through everyone’s phone connected to the line, and it will electrocute anyone using the telephone. These problems are obviously not good because it can damage the phone lines and it can lead to serious health problems for the person who is electrocuted using the phone.

5. Appliances that are plugged into the wall and turned on can be dangerous for you to use if lightning strikes your home or the power line it is connected to. If this takes place the plug sockets and the electricity cables can be damaged. If lightning strikes you should turn off you power just to avoid any damage.

Although all these problems can take place there are measures that can be taken to prevent them, for example, using a lightning rod or installing the correct lightning protection from a specialist contractor. All these circumstances can cause major damage which maybe unrepairable leaving you with a damaged home but they are only likely to happen in areas of the world which has frequent lightning strikes.

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