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Football and Home Security: The Connection You Never Saw Coming

  • Feb 04 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

This Sunday is a big one for football fans: the Sunday to end all Sundays, The SuperBowl. New York Giants and New England Patriot fans alike will be out in full force all around the country, celebrating their team’s greatness, and hoping to rack up the ultimate “W”.


But…some of us aren’t exactly in the football loop. Or to be more precise, some of us have no earthly idea what is going on. Why are there so many players? Why is the ball so weird? Only one person ever uses his foot to kick the ball, so why is it called football? I’ll admit it; I’m one of these people. I grew up in a baseball family; I can tell you the difference between a four-seam fastball and a knuckle changeup, but tell me the quarterback dodged a blitz to throw a “Hail Mary” and my eyes glaze over. I have no frame of reference for any of it, and I know I’m not the only one out there.


So I started thinking about how I should probably know a little bit more about it (seeing as everyone and their grandma watch the SuperBowl) and this crazy idea popped into my head…the quarterback is sort of like a control panel in a security system. Hang in there, I know what your thinking, “This girl is crazy. Those things have nothing to do with each other!” And in full disclosure, I would never had thought about this if my parents hadn’t made me house-sit for them while their new alarm system was set up, but I swear, it actually makes sense. Before some of you cry foul, yes, I know, the quarterback is on the offensive line and has nothing to do with the defense, but hear me out. The quarterback is responsible for relaying the coach’s orders to everyone in the huddle and making sure the proper play is run to combat the other team. Well, that’s what the control panel does too. The homeowner (the coach) tells the control panel (the quarterback) to arm/disarm the system, turn the lights on/off, or move the security cameras. The control panel runs the “plays” just like a quarterback would on the field.


Then I began to really think about how football can compare to the other security features my parents got installed. The defensive tackle and defensive end are similar to door and window contacts. They’re both responsible for containing the other team, making sure no one gets past them. Contacts do the same thing for your house. They provide coverage to any door or window they’re placed on, preventing intruders from entering your home. What about the defensive backs? They’re like the motion detectors of a security system. As the last line of defense in football, cornerbacks and safeties stop the other team if they get through the defensive line, providing wide coverage of the field. If someone breaks through the “first line” of defense of your home (the contacts), motion sensors alert you and the authorities immediately to any unwanted movement.


No matter whom you end up cheering for this weekend (if you end up cheering for anyone at all), remember to stay safe and have fun!

Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil via Flickr

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