Get Ready To Watch the Summer 2012 Olympics
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Get Ready. Get Set. Go Watch the Olympics!

  • Jul 26 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

The Summer Olympics of 2012 will be the event of the year, with millions of people attending the London games and millions more tuning in via computer, tablets, mobile phones, and TV. Starting tomorrow and ending August 12, here’s what you will need to join in on the Olympic frenzy!

1. Figure Out How You’re Going To Watch.

If your boss doesn’t understand why you need to take two weeks off from work when you just came back from a family vacation in Hawaii, then using your phone to catch quick updates while you TiVo the events at home is a perfect alternative. This is the first time that every second of the Olympics will be streamed live online, so you can catch a glimpse of the runners getting ready to race during your lunch break, or root for your favorite soccer team as you watch from your tablet. If you have access to a TV 24/7, then, first of all, lucky you, and second of all, get comfy because there will be plenty to see, including a stellar, $42 million opening ceremony.

2. The Schedule.

Love how graceful Olympic gymnasts are? Or maybe you’re a Phelps fan? Whatever your passion, you’ll need to know the times for each different event so you can track the progress of your favorite athlete. Clear your own schedule and call in the babysitter, because with 5535 hours of Olympic Games coverage this year, you can watch every minute unfold 24 hours a day.

3. Your Phone.

Olympic fans can use their mobile phones to download apps to watch the games, tweet to athletes, receive updates and results on their favorite events, and even share pictures from London with their friends. NBC has an app that will allow avid fans to watch from their smart phones and tablets 24/7.

4. Party snacks

Get your kids, neighbors, and friends together this weekend to watch the summer Olympics! Outfit your living room with festive posters of London and the London Olympics, bring out the fish and chips, or decorate donuts with the colors of the Olympic rings! Kids don’t want to sit still? Have them participate in their own relay races and win homemade Olympic medals.

All of us here at Smith are excited and ready to watch the games — are you? Follow these steps and you’ll be all set to join in on the Olympic festivities!

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