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Good Home Security Practices

  • Nov 11 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog, Uncategorized

There are few things more important to a homeowner than feeling secure, both while on the premises and while away. Choosing a good neighborhood and utilizing sound construction practices can help homeowners feel more safe and secure, but there are also a number of steps that, if taken, will reduce the likelihood of a criminal event.  Further, they help to encourage a greater sense of confidence and ease in the home. One can rest assured, knowing that even in the event the unexpected occurs, having taken a few basic security precautions will prevent or minimize serious damage, injury, and theft.

Home invasion is one of the most commonly reported crimes for homeowners and often involves other crimes like stolen property or other damages. However, taking simple precautions can drastically reduce the likelihood of a home invasion. Inspecting the doors in a home and making appropriate changes is a good way to lower the risk of a break-in, as doors may present obvious entry opportunities to criminals. Hinges placed on the outside of a door can easily be removed, and gaps between the doorframes and the door itself can give an entry opportunity for thieves equipped with a hacksaw or other cutting device. In some cases, thieves simply walk into homes that are left unlocked. It is crucial to make a habit of keeping a home’s most basic entry points locked and secured at all times.

Experts recommend performing basic checks around windows as another step for homeowners who wish to have effective security measures in place. While some homeowners use unsightly windows bars to keep windows secure, simply installing a lock or using dowel rods to prevent sliding windows from being opened can serve as effective and more comfortable alternatives. In some instances, thieves simply break the window and are able to manipulate indoor handles or knobs to provide entry. Those particularly worried about window-based break-ins may want to invest in “burglar-proof” window materials or insist or replace their large-pane windows with smaller-paned installations.

One of the most important home security measures requires no special devices or installations. In fact, a great deal of home security worries can be relieved by simply communicating with neighbors. A community of caring neighbors will prove indispensable in keeping everyone’s home safe. While a home’s occupants are on vacation, neighbors can help to deter thieves with a physical presence by doing things like housesitting or using the garbage cans. Encouraging a caring local culture that keeps an eye on suspicious activity and gets vocal about any worrisome sightings will go a long way to making everyone feel secure.

Concerns about theft or other criminal activity occurring while a home is unoccupied are common, but there are many crimes that take place while the home is occupied. Securing one’s property against such events is a good idea. A primary way in which criminals gain access to a home when its owners are present is through manipulating the impression of authority. Criminals may dress up in the uniforms of police officers, repair workers, or other professionals; they may also disguise their intentions by posing as a salesperson. No matter how legitimate an individual on the doorstep may appear, one should always ask for proper credentials before opening the door and take a close look at any badges or cards offered. When strangers approach a residence asking to use the telephone, it is best to keep doors locked and make any phone calls personally. Such measures can make a great difference when the ill-intentioned arrives.

Once they have enacted these basic home security measures, many security-minded homeowners attempt to burglarize their own properties. Though it seems unusual, it is a viable option to test the efficacy of the steps they have taken and to further contribute to their peace of mind. This process often reveals any obvious security holes, and can identify both strong points and weak points of a home’s defense. In addition to personal inspection, homeowners may wish to hire a professional agency to assess the security of their home. Such agencies have the experience and tools needed to ensure a security plan is sound and are particularly adept at identifying and resolving potential problems.

Keeping a home secure against invasion and threat is a major responsibility that every homeowner must face, encompassing concern about the safety of one’s possessions and, more importantly, one’s person. One may choose to purchase expensive and highly advanced equipment or make other major investments, but it is not always necessary to make security a serious expense in making it a serious priority. By practicing a few basic home security measures, any homeowner can feel more secure in person and property, while at home and while away.


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