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Home Automation Review from a Happy Smith Monitoring Customer

  • Dec 15 / 2011
Home Automation, Smith Home Security Blog

We’ve just released our first video review for our Smart Home system! One very happy Smith Monitoring customer contacted us and said he wanted to film a review for Smart Home, so we sent a professional crew to talk to him and hear his story. Josh and his family are the proud owners of the Smart Home Plus system, our premium Smart Home package. In the video, he talks about how the features fit into his and his family’s daily life, making them feel more empowered and secure.

The primary function of the Smart Home system, of Smith Monitoring itself, is to keep people safe. That is why we are in business, and that is why people choose to make us their security provider. Our Smart Home system just fits into their lives so well, even from the beginning of the installation. Because it all runs on the Go!Control panel’s wireless network, our technicians don’t need to drill holes or run invasive cables through the wall, so installation takes much less of your time. Of course, our technicians are so friendly, you’ll probably wish they stayed longer, but we want to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. And that is where the Smart Home system really shines, in making your normal, day-to-day life safer, easier, and more efficient.

As you can imagine, having the ability to control your home remotely is a great step forward in both home security and energy management. Heard a noise downstairs? Use the Smart Home app on your smartphone to turn on the lights in the house and check the security log to see if anything is amiss.  Going to be working late for a few extra hours? Delay your thermostat’s program and your automatic lights by a couple hours, so you’re saving electricity while away but comfortable when you get home. The Smart Home system is designed especially so that it fits into your life, enabling you to have more control over your home without adding additional complexity. There are many life improvements and applications for the Smart Home system that our customers are finding just through their everyday use.

It makes us tremendously proud to hear how our home automation system has improved the lives of Josh and his family. If our security systems have kept you safe or have helped in your life, let us know! We hope to hear from more of our customers soon!

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