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Home Improvement 101: Polished Concrete Floors in Your Home

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If you think that polished concrete floors are used in commercial facilities only, consider yourself wrong! Believe or not, they could be the perfect solution if you’re wondering how to upgrade your residential property. Your floor will look as it’s made of expensive flooring materials but you actually won’t invest much money at all. The polished concrete gives a beautiful finish and also has few key benefits that you can’t ignore.


What you have to know first is that the installation of the polished concrete floor is cheaper than the other surfaces. You don’t need the expensive traditional floor covering materials and all the labor that goes along with them. To polish the floors, the professionals use methods of flattening and leveling the concrete. This reduces your costs for maintenance over time. The smooth surface of the polished concrete is also non-abrasive which is another advantage.


The everyday use of the floor wears out its surface over time. It’s already proven that the polished floors are more durable than most surfaces like wood. They’re not as vulnerable to damage. Don’t worry if you drop something heavy on it! It won’t break or alter the smooth image. The polished concrete floors are fire resistant and protected from the bad influence of the UV lights. The polished concrete will be your long term flooring solution.

Easy Cleaning

Concrete floors are easier to clean and they continually maintain their modern and elegant look. You’ll never need to polish it again or use a wax. The polished floors eliminate dust mites, mold and pet dander that gather and live in carpet fibers. Your family will be protected from all kinds of germs and allergens from this solution.

It’s NOT slippery!

Maybe you think that when a surface is described as “polished”, this makes it slippery. Well, this is not the case. Step with confidence because it’s safe! Treat the floor with anti-slip conditioners that make better traction in the cases of wet concrete. When you choose who to make your floor, check if this company meets the requirements of the OSHA standards for floors.

These floors will improve the style and looks of your home. Polished concrete floors will impart a high-gloss shine on your floor, making your home have a luxurious feel. Although it’s not a marble, it looks very similar to it! There are many color and style themes available.

Now that you know the basics and benefits of polished concrete floors, you can choose your level of sheen depending on your aesthetic requirements and maintenance abilities. You can also choose between dry or wet polishing. Options are best discussed with the experts.

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