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Home Improvement 101: Sunscreen Blinds

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Everybody is well aware and understands the need for self protection against the harmful ultra-violet rays originating from the sun. Covering yourself up or just wearing sun block will help achieve this. Only few people think of the UV rays entering the homes via cracks and windows in the conventional vertical or horizontal blinds. Sunscreen roller blinds provide a perfect solution to this problem. Here are some reasons why you should choose Sunscreen blinds.

Reduce Heat in the House

Most people prefer opening the curtains at daytime to allow the streaming of the sun into the house. Unfortunately, in the absence of protection, the sun will heat up the interior part of your home before it’s too late causing unpleasant glare. Installation of sunscreen blinds is a measure that lets light into your home but the used special fabric will diffuse the glare and stop a lot of heat from entering into the house. You would be left with diffused light only in a more comfortable way without spoiling or blocking your view in any way.

Wide Variety of Sunscreen Blinds

The best part about sunscreen blinds is the wide range of types available. There are several options available such as the Roman blinds, external blinds and roller wooden blinds. Meaning that you are able to shade nearly any kind of window in whichever style you like. There is also an option of the double roller blind in which the sunscreen blind becomes the innermost blind with the outermost blind made using the full block out material. Even the sunscreen fabric can be found in various colors to allow you choose the one which has the best coordinates with the window coverings or with the decor of the room.

Easy to Operate

It is possible to operate them manually using some simple code or even a chain drive system, which is tensioned to curb its chocking risks to the pets or children. You also have the option of motorizing the blind. Just hit the button on its remote control then you will have the blind lowering or rising as per your need. The option of motorizing sunscreen blinds is particularly good for a blind situated behind the furniture; one that is high up and difficult to reach. You can link motorized blinds to the home automation systems.

Protect Furniture and carpets

Harsh weather conditions have the ability to wreak havoc on the carpets, furniture or soft furnishings making them to fade prematurely and weakening the fibers thus they won’t last long as they ought to. Installation of the sunscreen blinds protects the furniture and carpets since they are able to filter out any UV rays which cause fading or damage.

Save Energy

These blinds enable you to save money on the electric bills by utilizing them in controlling the temperatures within your home. The UV rays greatly cause heat and the ray-blocking mesh can help in keeping the temperatures within the house at comfortable levels. If you want to save money spent on heat during winter, simply roll up the shades to have the home temperature raised.

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