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Home Invasion Protection: What to do After a Break-In

  • Dec 08 / 2011
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Suppose you come home one night to see the front door has been forced open, or the kitchen window is smashed in. What do you do? Take care not to become complacent in simply purchasing alarm systems and window locks and the like; remember that they are, at best, deterrents. Even with the best security system available, even having taken every precaution and followed every rule to protect your home from invasion, there may still come a time when someone tries to break in. Keep yourself safe in all eventualities by familiarizing yourself with this home security information.

The main thing to do is remember to keep calm. You will be able to act more rationally and make better decisions if you remain calm. You will remember more details if you have a calm frame of mind, which will be especially important in the event that you come into contact with the intruder. As soon as you notice something amiss, keep an eye out for anything else suspicious as you remove yourself from the area. Most burglaries go unsolved, but every detail you can remember and give to the police will help them to be more informed as they proceed with the investigation. Still, remember that the top priority is your safety, so go to a safe place as soon as you can.

As soon as you identify that something is out of place, or that it seems someone has broken in, immediately call the police. It is far better to be found mistaken about a break-in after the police check your house than to make a wrong assumption and brashly walk in on a criminal. Go back to your car, or go to a neighbor’s house. The important thing is to remove yourself from the potentially dangerous area and get to a safe place. Most burglars will run away if they hear a car pull into the driveway or other signs of a returning homeowner. However, if they are not paying attention and do not hear the sounds of your return, your entering the house may surprise them. A surprised home intruder may very easily become combative or violent; it is unquestionably better to remain outside the house and call the police.

In dealing with a home invasion, remember to remain calm and collected. Using your best judgment in making good decisions to defuse the situation will help to ensure the protection of your personal safety.

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