How To Survive the Summer Heat
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How to Survive the Summer Heat

  • Jun 19 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Everyone loves the summertime: backyard barbecues, vacations to the beach, or just having an ice cold tea while you soak up the sun’s rays. However, as we get further into June and leave May’s sweetly warm weather behind, all of the sweet tea in the world couldn’t keep you from sweating in the sweltering summer heat. For those of you who are trying to enjoy the summer without feeling the burn, here are some tips on how to survive the summer heat. These little things can provide a huge relief for you and your families.

Have a snow cone or a popsicle!

Sometimes I think kids really know where it’s at. These icy treats aren’t just delicious, they help lower your body temperature and can provide some temporary relief to the summer heat. Not to mention they come in a variety of delicious, mouth-watering flavors from watermelon to piña colada.

Find anywhere with a pool (it’s all about who you know).

In a world where social networking can get you anything from a new friend to a new job, it can also help you find which of your connections has the best pool. Now, I’m not saying you should go crash your boss’s 3-year-old-nephew’s pool party, but if you don’t have a pool and you live in Texas then you know that desperate times call for desperate measures. Ask a friend or ask if your friend has a friend who can get you into a nice community pool. My sister’s friend’s apartment complex has 5 different pools for their residents and their residents’ friends. Needless to say, using your connections is good for just about anything.

Invest in patio umbrellas or retractable deck awnings.

These can do wonders for reducing the temperatures around your back porch. Deck awnings can be a little bit pricey, so look around and compare prices. Before my parents invested in theirs, they never used to go out on their own backyard porch, and now they sit out there all the time. It’s best to use a retractable awning though so it doesn’t get damaged in windy or stormy weather. Whatever method of shade you decide upon, a deck awning or umbrella can make your back patio significantly cooler and make your backyard part of your home again.

Last, but not least, drink lots of water.

Of course this is something everyone says, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Drinking water helps regulate your body temperature, not to mention it keeps all of your bodily processes running smoothly. Although you might love to drink margaritas and beer during the summer as a cold treat, it will only dehydrate you more. Make sure if you or your family are going to be outside during these hot days that you are properly hydrated.

Here at Smith, we hope all of our families are enjoying their summer! Use any or all of these tips to keep your family safe from the heat.

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