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How the Future of Home Automation will Change our Lives Forever

Home Automation


Although various aspects of the home come to mind when home renovation is mentioned, it has been predicted that home automation will trend in the coming years when it comes to the remodeling of homes.

The University of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies recently carried out the research predicting home automation exploding into the everyday home. The boom in smart technology and communication has automatically opened the door, quite literally, to the smart home revolution. Once your devices are connected one central hub in your home you can go one step further and download a single app with a suite of options to control every smart aspect of your home. No matter where you are in the world. From the energy saving benefits to immediate light and thermostat control, to protective measures such as security cameras, door locks and instant notifications of activity in your home. Smartphones are now a standard part of modern living and the home is the next big thing to turn smart.

Home security is a trend that is not just growing now, but will always continue to do so. With time, security systems are continually becoming easier to install and more cost-effective than ever.


Another good example of how home security and automation is set to take the industry by storm is by adapting to the next tech innovation that the likes of Google and Apple will soon announce, wearable technology. During the ISC West show this year,, the app that is used for Smith Monitoring SMART+ HOME automation systems demonstrated how the Pebble smart watch can be used to lock or unlock doors, arm the security system when leaving home and even open the door to the garage, among many other great applications.

While this is not readily available as a consumer product. The SMART+ HOME automation system is. Check out the amazing (and affordable) range of features that you can have installed in your home as soon as tomorrow.

This article was written by James McNulty. James is a writer and SEO Manager for Smith Monitoring. Keep up with him on Twitter.

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