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How to MacGyver Your Way Through Common Problems

  • May 11 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

MacGyver: verb; meaning to solve a problem in a creative, resourceful way with every day items.
Example: Whoa! Did you see John? He totally MacGyvered that lock with a paperclip, a tube sock, and a rubberband!

Why spend your hard-earned cash on something when you can solve the problem yourself? That just doesn’t make sense! We all know MacGyver was the king of the quick fix, but with these tips, you might be able dethrone him (read: you can’t, he’s MacGyver, but you should still do these things, they’ll make your life much easier).

Problem: You’re in the car on the way to meet your potential in-laws for the first time when the drawstring on your pants decides to get all janky. All you have is a stick of gum, a ballpoint pen with a pocket clip, and a toothpick. What do you do?

MacGyver it! Pop the gum in your mouth, put the toothpick back in your bag for later, and grab the pen. Loop your drawstring around the pocket clip and thread the pen through the seam of your pants, pen tip first. BOOM. Drawstring re-threaded!

Problem: You got into the medical school of your dreams and you’re about to walk to your first class when you realize…your laptop case is covered in Hello Kitty and World of Warcraft stickers. You frantically rip the stickers off, but now that nasty leftover residue is basically gluing all your papers to the computer. You have more stickers, one of those green tree air fresheners for your car, and a big pink eraser. What do you do?

MacGyver it! While more stickers seem like a good idea, you must resist the urge! Rub the air fresheners on your shirt to cover the smell of nervous sweat, and grab that big pink eraser that may or may not be from fourth grade. Rub the eraser back and forth over the area and BOOM. You can go to class knowing that the other students won’t know about your unfortunate obsession with Hello Kitty for at least one more day!

Problem: You’re at your neighbors house for their annual Mother’s Day Roundup Bash when your little angel decides to draw you a picture…on the wall…with crayon. You have a loaf of bread, a bottle of bubbles, and a stapler. What do you do?

MacGyver it! Distract your kid with the bubbles, put the stapler back in your purse (seriously, why’d you bring that to a block party?), and grab a couple of pieces of bread. Roll them into a tight ball and rub them vigorously over the “pretty pretty pony!”. BOOM. You’ll be able to remove all traces of the aforementioned pony without the use of harmful (and incriminating) chemicals!

Have you ever MacGyvered your way out of a tight spot? Have any quick fixes you’d love to share? Sound off in the comments!



Photo by Jonathan Garcia

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