How To Test Your Home Security System Early In The Morning
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How To Scare Yourself Silly & Simultaneously Test Your Home Security System

  • Jul 17 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

Let me tell you about my morning.

As someone who’s never liked getting up early in the past, I’ve gradually come to like waking up earlier, and going into work earlier. For me, the wheels of my mind turn faster in the morning than in the late afternoon. With my boss’s permission, I decided to come in even earlier this morning, not realizing I’d be the first one in the office.

Of course, as a home security business, our office is protected by our home security products. As it was too early to put two and two together, I walk in to my office, set down my things, and hear a siren. Walking out of my office, I realize it’s coming from the front door: our security system was going off. Needless to say, being scared to death early in the morning is not really the way I like to start my day. I hurriedly call my boss whose phone goes to voicemail, and I leave a frantic message. He immediately returns my call and gives me a code, but to our dismay it is a number off. He hangs up to track down the correct code and instructs me to go wait outside next to my car. I grab my things and hurry to my car. I’m sure, to anyone watching, I probably look like the worst robber in the history of robbers. Within minutes, a cop arrives, and I shamefully tell him it was a false alarm, and that I do indeed work here. Yes, the many times I’ve written about false alarms, I find myself experiencing one first hand. However, my boss quickly calls me back with the right code and I run back inside to deactivate the alarm.

About ten minutes later, my boss is at work and I’m recounting the terrible events. He waves it off, just glad that all the chaos is over, and is about to leave when the policeman shows up at the door again. Another false alarm. Huh? The only thing I can assume is that when I came back inside to enter in the correct code the alarm signal triggered again. Whatever the reason, the policeman was there again, and with a heavy sigh he asks, “Alright, who set off the alarm this time?”

So, an hour later, I’m still recovering and my fellow home security professionals are laughing at my expense as I tell them about how I tested out our security system for the benefit of our customers. Let’s just say the lesson is learned: our system works, we really do have some of the fastest response times in the industry (how did the cop get here so fast??), and the best way to prevent a false alarm at your home or business is to make sure everyone knows the alarm code, especially early bird employees like me.

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