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Keeping Close With your College Kid

  • May 22 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

As high school graduation comes closer, many students will be saying their goodbyes to their families and homes as they prepare to leave for college. It is a rite of passage that most 18-year-olds face and a bittersweet day for many parents. Stay a part of your college kid’s life with these three tips!

1. Send care packages.

Freshman year of college is a scary time for students. You’re in a whole new place with all sorts of people, and you’re trying to find where you fit in. It’s like starting high school without the perks of being surrounded by people you grew up with since elementary school. For myself, it always meant the world to me and my college buddies to have care packages sent to us from our families. Whether it’s something as simple as having our favorite snack foods and candy sent to us in large, Costco-sized quantities or random presents and clothes, it’s wonderful to know that our parents are thinking of us.

2. Come visit…but not too often.

The great thing about college is having independence. However, college kids do get homesick every once in a while. Drive up to campus a couple times when work and money allow for a trip. Let your college student proudly show you around to their class buildings, their favorite eating spots, and their dorm room. Most importantly, try not to point out how concerned you are over their lack of cleanliness. It’s all part of the experience.

3. Let them experience life.

This kind of goes with #2, but don’t smother your college kid. They’re there to get a higher education, but they’re also there for the experience. Don’t worry too much about whether they’re getting their homework done or if they’re brushing their teeth twice a day. The first 18 years were your job. Now, let them start solving their own problems, learn the hard way, and come out a better person for it. This may seem like a contradiction to the point of this article, but believe me, there’s no better way to stay close than to hand them the reigns on their own life.

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