Keeping Insects Out Of Your Home This Summer
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Keeping Insects Out Of Your Home This Summer

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Spring and summer time seem to bring a lot of unwanted insects in and around homes. No one likes these pests but it seems that everyone has a problem with them at one time or another. The problem is once they are in your home, it may seem impossible to get them out. There are many different products out there that claim that they will solve the problem for you, but many of them only temporarily handle the bugs and while others may work well, they can bring unwanted poisons into your home. If you have small children, pets, or just want to keep yourself from being exposed to these unhealthy toxins, then there are several effective alternatives that you can give a try.


Ants seem to be the most common insect people encounter. They are attracted to crumbs as well as sweet, sticky messes on your countertop and it doesn’t take long before your kitchen is infested. The best step to avoid ants is to keep your countertops and other kitchen surfaces clean at all times. However, that is not always possible, and sometimes ants find their way in anyway. There are all organic ant sprays out there, but there are a couple things you may already have in your home that could prevent ants from wanting in. For example, most ants do not like cucumber, so setting out cucumber slices where your ant problem is or anywhere in the kitchen can be an effective way to keep ants away.


Mosquitoes aren’t often found in the home, but they can swarm right outside your door on those hot summer evenings. They are especially annoying because they bite and leave itchy sores on your body. In order to deter them away from your home, make sure that you don’t have any standing water around. Things like wading pools, bird baths, and pet water dishes can be an attractive area for mosquitoes. Another step is to plant marigolds around your home. Insects do not like the aroma of these flowers so this is a great way to repel mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.


Flies are another common insect found in and around homes. They are attracted to our food as well as pet food. Keeping food put away can keep flies from being attracted to your home. If you are still having a problem, then try using mint to repel the flies. Placing mint around your home should keep the flies away. Another option is eucalyptus oil. Flies do not like the scent and will stay away from your home.Taking these simple steps will keep insects away from your home without bringing any unnecessary and dangerous poisons into your home.

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