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Last Minute Date Night Plans

  • Apr 28 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

It’s Date Night, the first one for you and your significant other in what seems like fiftyleven years. Your hair is did (well, clean), you found the one shirt that doesn’t have some sort of mushed vegetable on it, and you’re more than ready to sit in the magnificent, cool darkness of the local movie theater. Then the phone rings. The babysitter cancelled. And like that, your beautiful dream ends. But no worries! You can plan your revenge and still have date night, just a slightly modified version.

So put the kids to bed early and try one of these date night ideas:

• Pack the baby monitor and a picnic and have dinner on the patio/backyard/porch/treehouse/etc.
• Re-watch the first movie you ever saw together.
• Have a theme night. Pick a movie then dress and eat a dinner with the same theme. Feel French and pick up a couple of baguettes, put on a black and white top, and watch Amelie! Or if you’re in an action flick kind of mood, dress up in a wifebeater and no shoes, grill a steak, and watch Die Hard! The possibilities are endless! All that matters is that both of you have a little bit of fun!
• Break out the cards, board games, and video games but with new rules. Loser does dishes or has to take out the garbage for a month. Again, so many possibilities with this one.
• Try cooking a meal together, complete with cocktails, appetizers, main course, and a sinfully delicious dessert.
• Dress up for a night on the town…but stay in. Looking fancy makes the night feel special, even if you just end up playing Wii Tennis and eating pizza.
• Make breakfast in bed for dinner and watch some trashy TV together.

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun together! Do you have any last minute date night ideas? Leave me a comment below!

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