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Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

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We all need a little luxury in our lives! Of course due to various economic and social reasons this concept has different meanings to different people.

From an occasional latte splurge to an incredible year- end vacation as a reward for a great year of work and progress, people have their own definition of luxury.

Parents of small children may find luxury in the form of a babysitter and night out on the town, while a busy executive may enjoy the luxury of hiring an assistant to help take on some of the burden of a stressful job.

Although there are a many small and large options for indulgence in our daily lives, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook an area where luxury is an absolute must: our bathrooms.

You treat yourself well while out and about but home is where the heart is, and having a relaxing, comfortable bathroom can truly improve your quality of life. A space to rejuvenate and restore is essential not only for pleasure but for productivity.

And, while you may not normally equate the idea of a luxury bathroom with the important things to do with your home like security and other improvement factors, there are ways to make your space lavish and elegant without breaking the bank.

Make the Room Flow

First off, you’ll need to determine if you’re making proper use of your space. Is your bathroom effortless to move around in or is the incorrect placement of furniture and fixtures getting in the way? A well-designed floor plan is a great first step in creating a luxury bathroom.

Find out the location of your plumbing fixtures and draw up a floor plan of your space. Determine whether you’d like to (and can) move any fixtures. A bit of open space can go a long way in providing you with a more comfortable bathroom experience.

Focus on what you have

Not every bathroom can have a Jacuzzi or lavish step in shower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replace and update your existing fixtures. Spruce up your shower by replacing it with a thermostatic shower valve and luxurious showerhead. Both are wonderful options for having a relaxing bathing space.

Swap out a cracked or moldy sink with an economical and attractive new option. Many bathroom furniture retailers now offer less expensive versions of elegant pedestal, wall hung and even countertop bathroom sinks.

You can also replace your toilet with a low-cost, water-saving alternative. Just having fixtures that are efficient and function perfectly can make an enormous difference. 

Go Cheap where you can

Choice of wall color and window treatments are just two areas where you can use inexpensive finishes to achieve a luxury feel for your space. Choose a clean paint color like deep slate gray or relaxing light blue, and simple but elegant curtains.

Feature Luxury Accents

Add life to a simple but chic space with elegant chrome bathroom accessories such a faucet for your sink and thermostatic shower, and luxurious additions like high quality towels and scented candles.

You can also opt for a rich-looking wall hanging or elegant vase to decorate your bathroom.

About the Author: Sonia Moran is a design consultant and mother of two. She enjoys spending her free time experiencing the great outdoors with her two active boys. She is also a writer for Bathroom Heaven, where you’ll find a range of thermostatic showers and other elements for creating a luxury bathroom. 

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