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Modern Technologies To Help Improve Your Failing Business

  • Aug 24 / 2013
Smith Home Security Blog

Horse breeding can be a very costly and frustrating process without the help of modern technology. If you are in the business and are looking to improve your successes, here are some ways you can potentially improve your foaling business.

1. Put your mare “under the lights”

This is one of the easiest ways to help “trick” your mare into thinking it is the middle of May, the naturally occurring peak breeding season. You can set the lights in the barn to be on for 16 hours a day to make this happen.

2. Check your mare’s ovarian cycle.

This is very similar to the process we have for ourselves to see if we are fertile during a certain few hours of the month. Your vet can come and check your mare to see if her hormones are indicating that she is becoming more fertile due to her being “under the lights.”

3. Ultrasound Machine

As in our own human medicine, the ultrasound machine has helped make huge advancements in the horse breeding world. It can be used to see if the mare is in her cycle, if she has any cysts that need to be noted before pregnancy, if she is ovulating, and many other uses as well.

4. Vaccinations

To help keep the mare in foal as healthy as possible, vaccinations can also be given to her by your veterinarian. Vaccine knowledge is improving all the time, so ask your veterinarian what the best course of action will be for your mare and the vaccines she should receive and when while she is pregnant. The same goes for the foal after it is born. They will need their vaccines to help them stay as healthy as possible after their birth to improve their chances of staying healthy and growing into adulthood.

5. Barn Alarm System

This might seem unusual, but an alarm system in your barn area can serve many purposes. For example, we installed a SmartHome system through our local provider Smith Security that allowed us to have outdoor cameras with night vision for us to monitor our mares 24/7. We can watch our mares and foals from our wireless devices, smartphones, etc. from anywhere in the world. This way, no matter where we are, we can let our vet know if she needs to go and check on one of our mares or foals at any time. We can also turn on and off the lights in our barn remotely from our wireless devices as well to put our mares “under the lights” no matter where we are. Not having to be at our barn in person to take care of these things has freed us up to take care of other matters and has also allowed us to reduce our staff by not having to have multiple hands present at the barn 24/7.

Modern technology can improve your foaling business and make your life so much easier. From improving your mare’s fertility period to the health of your foals after they are born, technology can improve every aspect of your business. Thank you so much for reading, and please comment below with any ways modern technology has helped improve your foaling business.


Author bio: Brittany Samples is a writer for Smith Monitoring. She is also a work from home mom of two busy boys who works hard to always be more healthy, safe, fun, and frugal!


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