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Need to Know: 4 Factors You Should You Check Before Choosing Your Monitoring System

  • Jan 24 / 2012
Home Security Tips, Smith Home Security Blog

Picking the wrong alarm monitoring company can be expensive and more importantly, it can endanger the security of your family and property. But how do you know which alarm monitoring company is right for you when there are so many out there? Here are some basic factors to determine your needs.

Inspection: Any alarm monitoring company will be sure to do an on-site inspection, but before they do, you familiarize yourself with your security needs. Before even starting to research alarm monitoring companies, you need to decide what your security requirements are. Decide which areas are vulnerable and which you would like to focus on.


Switches: A switch is a wireless device that alerts you when people go in and out of your house. The biggest determining factor on the amount of switches you will need is how large your home is. How many doors and windows would you like to be protected? Covering all doors and windows would be ideal, but that can cost you a ton. At least make sure that the doors on the ground floor have switches.


Control Panel: The control panel manages your alarm system and alerts the alarm monitoring company when you need help. Having easy access to the control panel is crucial, so place it in a familiar location. Most control panels are installed near the most used door. Additional keypads can be installed throughout the house, so that no matter what, you stay protected. The most important factor for your control panel is that it’s easy to reach and that everyone in the house knows how to use it.


Specific Needs: The daily habits of your family, what you do at night, as well as the average time you spend away from your home should factor in when searching for an alarm monitoring company. This will help you decide which kind of alarm will match your routine best.


When deciding on a new alarm monitoring company, you need to make sure you know what you want and how a new alarm system will help. Never settle for the first company you contact even if they make you a great deal. And most importantly, always make sure that the alarm system you’re getting is the one that will protect your loved ones the best.


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