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Panic Alarm Systems: Help During Your Time of Need

  • Jan 19 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

What happens to you during an emergency in your home? Do you take charge? Shut down? Run around in circles flailing your arms and yelling for help? No matter how you react to a crisis, one of the Smith Security Packages can help you and your family in a moment of distress.

Each Smith Smart+ Home Automation Package comes with 24/7 UL-licensed police, medical, and fire monitoring. Their Go!Control Panel and Wireless Keypad (both included within the Smith Smart+ Package) are equipped with fire and police panic buttons that can be pressed when time is of the essence. The wonderful thing about the Go!Control Panel is that it’s portable; wherever you are in your house, you can control your entire security system, as well as be within in pressing distance of the emergency services panic button. Combined with their optical detection smoke detectors, Smith Monitoring gives you everything you need to effectively safeguard your loved ones.


Now, in all honesty, I’m the person who can’t even remember their first name, let alone their address, in an emergency and that’s why Smith Monitoring is perfect for me. If my grandma falls or my brother has another mishap with the blender, instead of fumbling for the phone and trying to remember the last digit of 9-1-1, all I have to do is hit the built-in Panic button on either the Control Panel or the Wireless Keypad and then blissfully resume my arm-flailing knowing that emergency services are on their way. While I may never be the person who stays calm, cool, and collected during an emergency, Smith made sure that I’m only a button’s press away from the help my family and I need.


Smith Security isn’t just worried about keeping criminals out of your house and protecting your valuables, they want to ensure that what truly matters, your family, is safe no matter what the situation.




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