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Protect Your Kids in Your Home: Some Advice

  • Jan 14 / 2012
Home Security Tips, Smith Home Security Blog

While the home may feel like the safest place for your children to play, there are some electric threats, fire hazards, and several other perils that can endanger the lives of you and your children. In fact, your kids are more likely to get hurt playing inside your house than outside. That is why, if you have children in your home, childproofing is essential. Childproofing your entire home may feel overwhelming, but there are several simple and inexpensive efforts that are very effective.

A top priority is managing electrical threats. Concealing your electrical sockets with plastic outlet plugs is an easy step in the right direction. Also, reducing the amount of extension cords you use in your home by placing electrical appliances near power outlets will help minimize electrical dangers. If you have to use extension cords, make sure they are properly secured and out of reach of grabby hands. If you use floor lamps, be sure they won’t be easily tipped over when your kids run around the living room.

Fire is the next source of home safety concern. Smoke detectors are crucial for every room if at all possible. Combined with smoke detectors, buying a fire extinguisher and placing it in inside the kitchen or garage (where most small home fires are likely to start) will give you peace of mind as well as easy access in case your child’s newest science experiment becomes all too realistic. If your family loves to cook together, make sure your children always know that Mom and Dad need to be in the kitchen with them, and that the stove and oven are not to be used without permission. In the case of grease fires, baking soda is a perfect substitute for a fire extinguisher. Keep matches and other flammable items stored as far away as possible from the reach of children. If you’re a smoker, consider using a lighter that has a dial with a specific ON/OFF function.

Slippery floors, clutter, and spills can cause fall injuries all too easily in the home. Consider investing in non-slip floor rugs, especially in the kitchen, where water and juice is most likely to spill. If a cup is knocked over (and it will happen), make sure to clean it up as quickly as possible to ensure that no one slips later.

Besides childproofing your house, the easiest way to ensure your child’s safety is to teach them the dangers that are possible inside the home. Create emergency fire safety plans, make a game of cleaning spills, and tell them fingers aren’t made to go into the electrical sockets. Making your children aware of the threats around them is the simplest way to make sure they stay safe.

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