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Refer a Friend and Give the Gift of Holiday Home Security

  • Nov 30 / 2011
Smith Home Security Blog

Just in time for holiday shopping, we here at Smith are eager to announce that our Refer-a-Friend promotion will be increasing its benefits for the season, starting immediately and lasting to the new year. While it may be better to give than to receive, you can do both with the refer-a-friend promotion. The program gives a monetary gift to any current customer that brings a friend to Smith, and it rewards the new customer with a free month of service as well.

The promotion comes with two major benefits. First, each customer who refers a friend will receive a $125 check from Smith in the mail. Second, the customer who was referred will receive their first month of Smith’s comprehensive monitoring service for free. While the normal, year-round benefit of $100 dollars is substantial, Smith decided to raise it in the spirit of the holidays. “We know the holidays can be a rough time moneywise, so we wanted to help out our customers by raising the benefits. It’s the same program, you just get a little extra during the holiday season,” said Smith Monitoring’s Marketing Director, Jonathan Tranel.

There are two ways to utilize the promotion. The referred customer may first complete the “refer a friend” form from the Smith Monitoring website before the initial call to Smith, or they may give their referring friend’s full name during the initial call. The referring account must be in good standing to be eligible for the promotion. After both accounts have been active for at least five business days, the benefits are applied to each customer. For satisfied and happy Smith customers, the promotion allows them to receive a monetary reward for their loyalty, and at the same time share with their friends the benefits of Smith’s renowned service.

Smith’s service includes systems monitoring by a UL-licensed monitoring station and technical help and guidance from Smith’s team of professional technicians. Used in conjunction with any of a myriad of supported security devices, the monitoring service will deter intrusion and burglary. Customers’ enhanced feelings of security and peace of mind will allow them to fully enjoy the joyous holiday season without undue worry or stress. With the refer-a-friend promotion, Smith’s goal is to ensure that more people are able to enjoy the home security of a world-class alarm system and monitoring service from a local company that truly cares about its customers.

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