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Safety for Your Youngster: How to Choose the Right Day Care

  • Feb 27 / 2012
Smith Home Security Blog

It can be overwhelming looking for the right day care center for your child, especially with so many options out there. There are so many factors that go into choosing a day care for your little boy or girl, such as cost, location, quality of the care, and security just to name a few. With over 70% of us enrolling our kids into a day care or nursery facility, it’s important to know a few tips before signing up.

The first step to ensuring your child’s safety is to choose a day care center with plenty of previous experience and a good reputation. Before deciding, always check out several different day cares to see what type of facility you like and more importantly, what type of facility you don’t like. A great way to begin your research is to get recommendations from people you trust; neighbors, friends, and family are amazing resources.

Location, location, location has never been more important than when looking for a day care. Look for one that’s close to where you live, is easily accessible, and near to emergency facilities. Day cares in residential areas are the best because they’re far away from busy streets.

When you start looking for a day care center for your child, check out the emergency services the facility supplies. Check for fire alarms, extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency power supplies, etc. on during your initial walk through. Also, many quality day care centers keep trained nurses or pediatricians on staff, so make sure to ask for their credentials.

Obviously the most important factors in choosing the best day care or nursery for your youngster are the staff and the facility itself. Do the employees have the proper licenses? Do they treat children with respect, flexibility, and patience? Is there a low caretaker to child ratio? Do they welcome you even if the visit was unexpected? When looking at the day care itself, look for safe indoor and outdoor areas, sanitary bathrooms and tabletops, as well as orderly, clean playrooms or work areas.

You always want the best when it comes to your children and day care is no exception. Do your research and choose a high quality day care will ensure that they are safe and sound, learning, and having fun all in one location.

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