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Seasonal Décor For Inside and Outside Your Home

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One of the best ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons is by decorating both the inside and the outside of your home with various themes. Whether you prefer the dominant colors of the season or the specific symbolism of each, by switching your décor every few months, you will never be bored with the overall decorating scheme of your house.

While switching your decorations every time the seasons change sounds complicated, it is not as hard as it sounds. By sticking with a few basic themes for each season and making sure that each matches the color of your walls, you can handle the switch in mere minutes. In fact, the most complicated part of seasonal décor is packing up the old decorations and unpacking the new ones!

Vases and Ceramics

Whether you have a mantelpiece to decorate or a series of coffee or end tables, you will find that changing the vases and ceramic figures on them seasonally is a great idea. Stick with color schemes for each season in order to make them easier to match each other. For example, bright yellows and reds personify summer, while pastel pinks, blues and greens represent springtime very well. For autumn, go with deeper oranges and shades of brown, and for winter, stick with very true blues, silver and white.

Fresh or Silk Flowers

After all, you need something to place in those vases, right? You can pick fresh flowers from your yard in the spring, summer and fall, or can purchase them from the grocery store or local florist shop. If you prefer silk flowers, since they are less maintenance, make sure to pick ones that correspond well with your overall color scheme, as well as the season. Some flowers, like roses or carnations, work year-round.

Fly a Flag Outdoors

Just because you have a flagpole located out in your yard or right beside your front door, it does not mean that you have to show your patriotism year-round. Instead, occasionally swap your American flag for a seasonal one. There are plenty available on the market with spring floral patterns, autumnal leaves, Christmas trees or symbols, and even summer sunshine on them.

Wreaths Work Year-Round

These days, there is no need to have a wreath on your door only at Christmastime. Thanks to creative home décor stores, there are wreaths available for every season, from delicate springtime flower-covered ones to wreaths decorated in autumn leaves.

No matter the season, you can find outdoor and indoor decorations to place in and around your house. Changing them every couple of months is easy, especially once you have an overall plan and decorating scheme set up.

About the Author: Terry Wood is an expert with US Insurance. She is a part time blogger and home improvement enthusiast who loves to share is experience with the world.



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