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The Three Security Levels of a Home Alarm

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Everyone wants a house in which they can feel safe. A home cannot be cozy and welcoming if there is a threatening atmosphere looming overhead. The words homey often seem to accompany the words safe. To have a homey and safe house there are three lines of defense that must be put into place. The first line of defense is purely visual, the second is the alarm system itself, and the last one involves the police. Between these three defenses a home can stay snug and secure.

Let’s take a look at the first line of defense, the visual aspect. Burglars are looking for homes that appear to be easy to break into. They want a quick entrance and they want to enter without attracting any attention. If you have window decals and signs in the yard the burglar will instantly be aware that your house might not be the best choice to burglarize. Lights and alarms are not something they want to face. In order for this first line of defense to work however, all signs and decals should be in plain sight. Shrubbery should not block window decals or signs, and it is best to place the yard sign somewhere in clear sight near the front of the yard.

The second line of defense, the actual security system, is vital for a safe home. While the mere sight of alarm systems will deter many burglars, it won’t frighten them all. You need to ensure that your security system is working properly and is turned on when you leave the house or go to sleep. It is a good idea to periodically check on the system to ensure it is still functioning properly. Make sure the security system monitors and protects all possible means of entry into the house. There are many additional safety functions that can be used to enhance your protection that you might want to look into as well.

The third line of defense, the police, has the most severe ramifications for the burglar. This is the stage where the local authorities take action. All security-monitored systems receive information on the statuses of homes and can report things out of the ordinary to the local police.

When you have these three lines of defense working together as a functioning unit, then and only then, will your home be safe. If just one part of the system is missing or malfunctioning then the whole system ceases to work properly and might not be able to deter burglars.

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