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Security Solutions: Keeping Our Older Population Safe

  • Jan 25 / 2012
Home Security Tips, Smith Home Security Blog

Our country is getting older. According to the Administration on Aging, one in eight American’s are over the age of 65, or about 40 million people. By 2030, that number is expected to spike to 72 million. As more and more baby boomers reach their golden years, it’s important that they take the proper security and safety precautions. Here are some easy to follow tips to ensure your elder relatives are safe:


Install Security Lighting – A simple light gives the appearance of an occupied home, keeping unwanted visitors off your property. Lights are also a great way to protect against vandalism and theft.

Get a Security System— A good home security system is the foundation of any home safety plan. A home without a security system is three times as likely to be broken-in to, so installing one is a must. Many new security systems come with emergency panic buttons directly on the control panel, making it easier for you to get help during a fire or medical emergency.

Keep doors locked –Most burglars enter through an unlocked door instead of breaking a window, so get in the habit of locking your doors even when your home. Also, make sure that friends and family have keys to your home in case they need to check in on you.

Clear stairs, pathways, and hallways – Making sure these areas are clear of clutter that could trip you or prevent emergency services from getting to you is simple way to keep you safe.

Watch out for Internet scams – Today, it’s important for seniors to protect themselves from hackers and scammers. Don’t reply to emails from unfamiliar addresses; especially don’t give them personal information. Make sure to use different computer passwords so it’s not easy to steal all of your information. Shop at reliable websites, avoiding ones that look like scams.

Check strangers IDs – When someone comes to your door selling something, make sure to check their ID. Many times, scams will involve charities or home inspections, so make sure the salesmen is associated with a trustworthy company.

Get a fire extinguisher – You never know when a fire will start in your home. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or the garage in a place where it can be reached easily. Along those same lines, make sure you have fire detectors and that they’re working correctly.

Never carry lots of money in public – Carrying lots of money in public can make you an easy target for theft. Keep your money in the bank and use a debit or credit card instead. It saves room in your wallet and is quicker at the register.

Have people visit and call you often – It’s important that you stay connected to the ones you love as you grow older. Having regular visits from friends and family helps ensure that there aren’t any emergencies. Try to have someone call you every day to check in or just chat.

Get a personal emergency response system – Worn as a necklace, wristband or belt clip, these types of systems make it extremely easy to get in contact with first responders in any sort of emergency. Not only are they easy to use but they are also affordable.

As our population ages, we need to make sure we stay safe from security threats. By following these simple tips, you can make sure you or your loved one is protected.



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